Looking for money CBD business is an excellent opportunity for you

“Here, we see it as an investment in the production of medical products. may be used as raw materials for drug production, Or is it a food ingredient of the future? (Future food), which need to be studied in depth in detail, such as sweeteners or protein enhancers.

By the PTT policy, we may not do it all by ourselves. But may consider cooperation with partners If setting up a factory, it must invest with partners. Because it has to plan to complete the supply chain to have enough raw materials to meet the demand,” Mr. Buranin said.

Previously, Mr. Rangsan Phuangprang, Executive Vice President of PTG Energy Public Company Limited or PTG, the service provider ofP.T.T gas stations, said that PTG Group has negotiated with partners who have applied for a license to grow CBD kaufen. Brewed with the FDA, including cooperation with community enterprises It is expected that hemp products will be developed for distribution by the end of the second quarter of 2021 or at the beginning of the third quarter of the year via the theP.T.T gas station chain stores such as mini marts, MAX Mart stores. Thai coffee, Coffee World, etc.

Accepting business – looking for investment

Mr. Ekapan Vanagosoom, Executive Chairman ofK.W.. Metal Works Public Company Limited, or KWM, revealed that the company, together with JSP Pharma, organized an extraction project for CBD kaufen and hemp plant extracts. KWM manufactures KWM EXTRACTOR 1.0, supercritical fluid Co2 extraction, and ultrasonic extraction, while JSP Pharma specializes in pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. This extract can be used to make a variety of products, including CBD balm such as that available here.

“Currently, the extraction machine has a capacity of 1 machine with 4 kg of raw material, at least 200 ml of extract will be obtained. In the future, there is a plan to increase the production of the extractor. Our factory can produce more than 100 machines per year.”

Dr. Sittichai Dangprasert, Chief Executive Officer of JSP Industrial Pharmacy (Thailand) Co., Ltd., added that JSP Pharma installed an extraction machine at the plant in Lamphun Province. Hemp for external use, such as balsam, extracts of various oils, then in the 4th quarter of 64 may come out of hemp-derived supplements or medicines.

“In the future, we want to continue to invest. In addition to making products from marijuana – hemp for entrepreneurs in the country May export hemp extracts to foreign countries as well.”

Agriculture and Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives rebound

Ms. Mananya Thaiset, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, revealed that she had assigned the Department of Agriculture (KUA) to discuss with the FDA to jointly formulate guidelines for promoting hemp and cannabis crops to be completed by February 2021. The guidelines cover four main steps:

  1. Importing and selling seeds The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has rushed to declare cannabis and hemp-controlled seeds. Plant Varieties Act 1975, during this period, rules and regulations will be applied. FDA. Let’s go for a while.
  2. The request for planting permission belongs to the FDA. A committee at the provincial level to consider and compile a list of growers to submit to the Ministry of Agriculture. From preparing the fields, harvesting, and sending the results of the assessment of the growers’ ability to the FDA and the Ministry of Agriculture will jointly inspect the import of seeds. production and quality control of seedlings to obtain quality according to the species.
  3. Quality testing Growers and buyers can use the equipment for an initial examination by themselves, and the Ministry of Public Health encourages the private sector to set up labs.
  4. Buying and selling CBD kaufen and hemp Direct trading, or contract farming, between buyers and growers, establishing a cannabis central market, establishing commodity standards, median prices, and fair trading. by having the Department of Cooperative Promotion as the leading agency in establishing.
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