KTH Royal Institute of Technology World Ranking

Located in Hyderabad, India, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is one of the oldest universities in the country. The school was founded in 1906 and offers degrees in a range of fields, including architecture and engineering. The institute’s history and facilities make it a desirable destination for both local and international students. The school also offers scholarships to deserving students.


Founded in 1827, KTH Royal Institute of Technology is one of Europe’s top technical universities. Today, the university has over 12,000 full-time students and over 3,700 employees. KTH’s main campus is located in central Stockholm. The university has additional campuses in northern Sweden. Some of these campuses are in leading medical technology centers.

KTH is currently home to over 1,800 PhD students. It is one of the top-ten technical universities in Europe. The university also has a large number of faculty members and professors. It is the largest technical university in Sweden. The university is also one of the top-ten universities in the world for research in computer science, materials science, and energy. The university is also a member of the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities.


Founded in 1827, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the oldest and largest technical university in Sweden. Its campus is located in the capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm, home to the Nobel Prize. The campus provides world-class facilities, including the House of Science, which is the leading source of knowledge and inspiration for both students and teachers.

In addition to providing an academic environment, KTH also provides non-academic facilities. This includes facilities for industry-related research projects, as well as the KTH Library, which provides the university with analyses. The Library’s goal is to promote open access publishing, as well as to strengthen the quality of KTH’s research.

KTH is known for its academic programmes, which span a wide range of engineering fields. Students can earn a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree. The university also offers exchange programmes and overseas work experiences.

Research outputs

Founded in 1827, KTH Royal Institute of Technology is one of Europe’s leading technical universities. With four campuses located in Stockholm, KTH offers educational opportunities in various fields. KTH’s research outputs range from engineering and chemical sciences to computer science and built environment. It also collaborates with industry and society.

KTH has designated digitalisation as a focus area. As an important part of the university’s innovation ecosystem, KTH research has the potential to have a significant impact on society.

KTH has an extensive student service. Students enjoy a vibrant student life and enjoy world-class facilities. Throughout their time at KTH, students are encouraged to pursue personal development. They are given a wide variety of programmes and courses from architecture to industrial management.

Scholarship opportunities

Amongst the prestigious universities in Europe, KTH offers a number of Scholarship opportunities for international students. These scholarships are offered to deserving applicants. These Scholarships aim at contributing to the sustainable development of our society. This is achieved by providing a student with a high-quality education and training.

The KTH Scholarship is awarded based on the quality of the student’s academic performance and motivation. Selectors also take into account the student’s extracurricular activities. The student will also have the opportunity to interact with business partners and resources.

KTH offers over 60 master’s programs, which are taught in English. There are 16 master’s programs that are taught jointly with other leading universities. The courses are offered in nearly 60 different fields. The programs are offered in both natural sciences and engineering.

International students

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is a world-class university. It has a large international student body and offers a wide variety of education from natural sciences to architecture and industrial management. The university is also a leader in the field of engineering.

KTH’s faculty is one of the top-notch in Europe. The library offers a number of facilities to support academic endeavors. The library also promotes open access publishing and supports digital skills for researchers.

KTH also offers a number of scholarship opportunities to international students. The KTH Scholarship (2023) is a merit-based scholarship program that allows students to complete higher education in Sweden for free. Students are also eligible to receive joint scholarships.

The KTH has an application process that may vary by program and degree level. Students must submit a number of documents, such as a resume, transcripts, entrance exam scores, and an application fee.

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