Kitchen Curation: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting project. However, it can also be full of stress and fatigue thanks to the endless decision-making and challenges that seem to arise. 

This is a space your family will use multiple times every day, and it represents the heartbeat of the home. So, the feel of this space is one of the most crucial elements to get right. It must be thoughtfully and carefully planned and designed from the floor to the ceiling.

Whether planning a complete overhaul or just making a few minor changes, you should keep a few points in mind to ensure a successful renovation. First, consider your layout. How do you want your kitchen to function? Do you entertain often? If so, you’ll want to ensure your layout includes enough space for guests. Second, think about your appliances. If you love to cook, invest in a commercial gas stove.

From walking space, work triangles, and soft-closing drawers to pot fillers, plumbing, and hardware, there are myriad small choices that make up a functional kitchen you’ll enjoy for years to come. To help you cut through all the complexity, we’re simplifying the key concepts, from storage considerations to cookware for an induction stove and the little things most people forget. Let’s dig in!

1. Buy Cookware That Matches Your Stove

One thing many homeowners and builders neglect to plan for is what cookware matches their stove and oven. Not all cookware is created equal. Indeed, the best quality sets are often designed for use with specialized cooktops. If your stove operates with gas, you’ll need cookware that is cast iron or stainless steel with aluminum or copper layers.

Proper cookware for an induction stove includes industry-leading brands such as Anolon, Circulon, Essteele, and RACO. These premium cookware options come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, high-density forged aluminum, heavy gauge cast aluminum core with titanium layers, and high heat-resistant Phenolic handles. They’re designed for safety when cooking, durability over time, and ease of use to suit any menu, kitchen, or chef. 

2. Give Yourself Plenty of Room

One of the most difficult elements of working in a kitchen is when there’s simply not enough space. Design the kitchen layout to allow for walking paths that are at least 91cm wide in non-cooking zones, and add another 15 cm to cooking zones. 

Walking isn’t the only consideration. Plan for plenty of space where pantry or fridge doors open or large drawers pull out. Pay special attention to the work triangle between the fridge, stove, and sink. 

3. Choose Cabinetry Finishes Wisely

Style and design aren’t the only elements to factor into your kitchen layout and construction. Cabinet finishes play into how easily they are cleaned, how clean they look, and how long they will last. 

When visualizing the end result, picture it after the pot of spaghetti explodes and what the cleanup process will look like. The kitchen must be functional and beautiful, but it should also be easy to maintain and tidy up. 

4. Get Creative

Think outside the box when planning your kitchen. Even with budgetary limitations in mind, shoot for the moon. Don’t just think in terms of new cabinets, new hardware, and new appliances. Think of non-traditional storage solutions and imagine a new space!

It’s much easier to adapt what you’ve envisioned to fit your budget before it’s built than to pay for additional changes later. What would be possible if you removed a wall or moved a major appliance? How would these changes impact the look and feel of the space? 

5. Incorporate Color

All-white kitchens are a glorious style that will always be around. However, color is making its way into modern kitchen design too. When incorporated thoughtfully, color can change the feel of the entire home. 

Dark and warm colors bring comfort and calm, while bright colors inspire joy and creativity. Use color on only half the walls or cabinets to balance the tone and present a more subtle aesthetic. 

Happy renovating!