KINGKONGXO Online Slot Game Review

The classic movie King Kong first appeared on the silver screen in 1933. But, this Playtest slot game is based on the updated 2005 remake of the original film directed by Peter Jackson. The game revolves around the story of Jack Driscoll, an aspiring screenwriter, and the director Carl Denham, who is about to shoot his latest film on the island of Skull. The two are completely unprepared for the moment when they are forced to confront the beast that inhabits Skull Island.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Wild and Scatter Symbols on a slot game are important to the overall gameplay. These symbols are what trigger bonus games. In KINGKONGXO, the scatter symbol can lead to a bonus round, as well as multiply your wins. Read the payable before placing your real money bets to understand the features of the scatter symbols. You’ll want to pay attention to these symbols because they’re the most rewarding ones in the game.

The Wild icon is the most common symbol on the game. Similar to the joker in a deck of cards, it can substitute for other symbols to form new winning combinations. A wild that appears on the third reel counts as a win, but cannot substitute for bonus or scatter icons. You’ll need to have at least three of these icons to win a prize. This is an excellent way to win.

Empire State Building

The Scatter and Wild Symbols on KINGKONGX O Online สล็อต xo Game can be replaced with each other to form winning combinations. This will increase your winnings by a factor of up to five. As long as you’re lucky enough to land a wild symbol during a bonus round, you should double it up to make your gaming session even more lucrative.

A climb to the top of the Empire State Building is no easy feat, but the KINGKONGXO Online Slot Game is well worth the effort. The game features a variety of bonus rounds, tons of features, and graphics fit for the silver screen. You’ll want to play this game at an online casino, such as Ladbrokes. The online slot is rated as the most powerful company of all time, by Forbes.

Wild and Scatter Symbols 

In a slot game, wilds and scatters are used to create winning combinations and boost payouts. Wilds and scatters can also walk and expand on the reels, doubling your payouts. However, wilds cannot replace scatters or bonus symbols. You must land at least three of these symbols to activate the bonus feature. Read on to learn more about them in KINGKONGXO.

The wild symbols act as multipliers. They replace all other symbols except for scatter symbols. When they substitute for other symbols, they increase winning combinations by x100. Wild symbols can also transfer to other reels, forming winning combinations. To win the most, players need to get at least three wild symbols on the reels. While these are not the only wild symbols on the reels, they are one of the most exciting features of this game.


While Wild and Scatter Symbols in a KINGKONGXO Online Slot Game cannot replace each other, they can help complete winning combinations. Wild symbols can either trigger free re-spins or multiply winnings by a predetermined number. However, some games allow wilds to appear in both the base game and bonus games. Therefore, it is essential to check out the payable to ensure that you can make the most of this feature.