Is it worth spending on an auto accident attorney in Rockford?

Following an on-road mishap in Rockford, you may have many questions on your mind. If the other driver was reckless, drunk, or clearly negligent, you would want to file a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation for your injuries. Here comes a big question – Should you consider one of the auto accident attorneys Rockford? We are sharing some key details below for your help. 

Know your claim 

What is your auto accident claim worth? The answer depends on many aspects, including your share in the fault (if any). If you have sustained injuries that are likely to impact your ability to work, your final settlement would be a lot higher than what’s paid for standard accident claims. An attorney can help evaluate the worth of your claim based on details like – 

  • The type of injuries you have endured
  • The cost of medical treatments so far
  • The cost of future medical treatments
  • Income losses 
  • Your share in the fault
  • Your fault could be a major issue

Illinois follows the modified comparative fault rule. If two drivers share the blame for an auto accident, their settlements are largely dependent on their fault share. You can only sue the other at-fault party if your fault share is 50% or less. The insurance company and the other party would want to use your fault as an excuse to downplay your losses and devalue your claim. You need an attorney because you don’t want to deal with all that alone. 

Insurance adjusters are not your best friend

Don’t be naïve to believe that the insurance company would be empathetic or easy with you. For claims adjusters, this is a regular job, and they often try a wide range of tactics to deny claims. They may discourage you from hiring an auto accident lawyer or seeking further treatment. Many victims also end up signing forms that grant the insurance company quick access to their medical records. You may also find that the claim adjuster wants you to accept their offer immediately or pressure you to give a statement.

With an attorney, you don’t have to deal with the auto accident claim alone. Also, if the lawyer believes that you could benefit from filing a civil lawsuit, they would work accordingly. Your lawyer would also ensure that you don’t settle for less and would investigate the auto accident to gather evidence. Talk to a lawyer soon after the mishap.  

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