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Introhive is a CRM solution that transforms messy data into actionable insights and delivers them to the revenue team in the form of new sales opportunities. It automates CRM data entry and cleans prospect data on-demand, revealing new sales opportunities across existing business relationships. The tool also guides salespeople in making data-driven decisions to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates.

The software has several functions that allow users to create tailored dashboards, reports, and lists. It also integrates with Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft CRM systems. It also offers online support, demo versions, and API assistance. This means that users can get started with Introhive as soon as possible. This helps them save a great deal of time on data entry.

Introhive is a software-as-a-service CRM platform with eleven office locations across four countries. It has raised $100 million in series C funding led by equity firm PSG. It has been mentioned that 46 percent of B2B sales representatives rank quantity and quality of leads as their top challenges. This software can solve this problem and much more.

Introhive offers a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets users record activities and track contacts across different sources. Users will find it easy to log interactions and communicate with colleagues, allowing for better internal collaboration. Furthermore, it provides insight into the quality of interactions within your organization.

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