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I write mostly fanfiction, and I’ve had a hankering to include all of my favorite characters into my stories for a while now. Especially when there’s an OC involved! So when I heard about the opportunity to write a book with my favorite OC, I jumped at the chance! I loved “Black Swan: The Musical” but it’s such an amazing story that would be better told from multiple points of view. That being said, this is just one of many tales that can be told through the eyes of an OC. It may not be perfect but it’s always worth a shot! Especially if you have time to yourself and want to explore your creative side. Do you like musical stories? If so, give “Black Swan: The Musical” a spin! It’s enchanting, fun, and well worth it!

What inspired me to write this book?

I love psychological thrillers and mysteries, so naturally I had a hankering to write one that would have my favorite characters and stories. Plus, it was just around the time that I was starting to explore my own creative side. That’s when I discovered the Internet, and the thousands of other creative geniuses that were creating their own characters and tale. Before long, I had a collection of short stories and four novels to my name.

How to read it

Reading a story is not just a means to an end. It’s an act of discovery for the reader as well. All the characters, storylines, and details that you know and love will suddenly become very familiar. This happens when you start to read “Black Swan: The Musical”. You might not realize it at first but the subtle nuances that are lost in translation just become very apparent when you’re in the presence of your favorite characters. It’s almost like they’re sitting right there in your living room, waiting for you to join in their conversation.

The Author

I love books with tons of characters and a unique take on the typical historical novel. “Black Swan: The Musical” is one of these books. The name of the author is Debra Kinsman and her books are published by Scholastic. She’s a fictionalized account of herself and her family, but readers can definitely identify with the characters.

The Publisher

I love cozy-Holiday books and “The Magical Creatures” series. The 7th book in the series, “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”, is such an adorable read. It follows the relationship between a boy and his magical animal friend, offering a synthesis of first-person and non-fiction. I was so happy to have this book in my collection, as it felt so right to read this after “The Talented Mind” and “The Code” books. “The Magical Creatures” series has such a wonderful feel to it, as if the author has been inspired by certain authors, characters, and reads in her own life.

Format of the Book

“Black Swan: The Musical” is a novel, so the format of the book is very typical of a novel. It’s Probably a Journal, but with a Lot of OCRing. I found that the book felt a bit uneven, as there were a few sections that I was just too busy enjoying, but others that were just so much fun to read!

Keyword inclusion in the Book title:

“Black Swan: The Musical” has everything – great story, great characters, and incredibly easy to get into. What’s more, many of the keywords that I was looking for in the book were already there.


This was such a fun and interesting book to tell. It had everything I love – a fun story, great characters, and a unique take on the typical historical novel. What’s more, many of the keywords that I was looking for in the book were already there. I’m so ready to find my new favorite characters and start telling their stories! Indian 75m 600msInghtechcrunch, mexicobased series anthemis startupsann azevedotechcrunch, 1m 20m series azevedotechcrunch