Important Dos and Don’ts For Skin Care Today

Skin care is one of the essential aspects of taking care of your body in today’s day and age. There is an entire industry bustling with skin care online products – that can leave you confused and overwhelmed. What moisturiser to wear? How much water should I be drinking? Are some of the common questions. 

Well, no worries, as this blog will serve you with all the do’s and don’ts for skin care in the present day. Read on.

Drink water

70% of our body is made of water alone – figures that show how essential the compound is for humans. If you have a low water intake and are dehydrated, it is very well visible on your skin. 

The outermost skin layer of the epidermis becomes less elastic, and the texture roughens without the right amount of water. So, drink that glass of water.

SPF is your best friend

The sun might be your friend, but an SPF sunscreen must be your best friend in the summers and winters. Going for a water-resistant sunscreen with a broad spectrum of SPF 15 or more daily is suggested. This practice should remain irrespective of rain or shine. 

With a solid sunscreen skin care online product, you will save your skin from the sun’s damage and the further deadly consequences. 

Skin cleansing is a must

One cannot stress enough the importance of skin cleansing. Your skin is in contact with the outer world and is the saviour of your internal organs. The skin is exposed to chemicals, pollutants, impurities, and dirt that can clog your pores and lead to skin breakouts during this process.

This is why it is highly essential to keep your skin clean and pores clear. To do so, invest in an excellent skin cleanser that should aim at efficient dirt removal. Also, the ideal number of times that one must clean their skin is twice a day, but you are good with once a day too.

But, be regular and make it a practice for your daily skin routine. 

Moisturising is vital

Once you have washed your face, your face must be nourished with the right products. Enter moisturiser. It is a great practice to invest in a moisturiser with 30 SPF or more.

Many people tend to forget the massive benefits of moisturising and the importance of the product – something that you must not do at all costs. If you wish to keep your skin healthy and soft, always moisturise. PS: moisturise your body, as well.

Use products made for your skin type

With a number of skin care products available in the market, it might get confusing to zero down on the final pick. The best way to do so is to sort out these products based on the skin type. 

Many options are available, such as standard, oily, dry, sensitive, acne-prone, and combination. It is essential that you make sure the product you use is of your skin type – essentially because investing in expensive skin care which doesn’t even correspond to your skin type will do you no good.

Wrapping Up

There are many other skin care tips that you should follow, such as not popping zits, washing your face regularly, giving up on smoking, trying to relax, and of course, not overdoing these skin care products or your make up.

Additionally, if you face any skin issues, definitely reach out to a dermatologist and get yourself tested for allergies or related skin disorders. 

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