How to use a Sugarcane Juice Extractor

Sugarcane is a popular cash crop around the world. Sugarcane juice is popular in sugarcane growing areas. Some people extract the juice to sell. Others use it for domestic purposes.

To extract sugarcane juice, we use a sugarcane juice extractor. This article will teach you about the juice extractor and how to use it.

A sugarcane juice extractor is a machine used to extract sugarcane juice. A sugarcane plant is full of delicious juice. Many people like this sweet juice. To get this juice, however, you chew through a lot of sugarcane roughage.

Chewing sugarcane to extract juice can damage your mouth. A small piece of sugarcane can cause bleeding. If you are not used to chewing sugarcane, it can be hard to enjoy the sweetness of sugarcane. But does this mean you will never enjoy the sweetness of sugarcane juice if you do not know how to chew it?

No. a sugarcane juice extractor eliminates the need to chew through tough sugarcane stems to enjoy the juice. The extractor squeezes the juice from the sugarcane. With a sugarcane juice extractor, you will enjoy your juice after following a few simple steps.

Sugarcane juice extractors are popular with fruit juice parlors. They are used to extract the juice for customers. Other people have them in their homes.

Factors to consider when buying a sugarcane juice extractor

1. Ease of use

As you select a sugarcane juice extractor for your home or business, you must take into account the ease of use of the extractor. An ideal juice extractor should be easy to use to meet your needs.

2. Durability

Another factor to consider when buying a sugarcane juice extractor is durability. You want to choose a durable juice extractor that will serve you for a long without breaking down. The best sugarcane juice extractors are the ones sold by reputable brands.

3. Price

Price should be a key factor when buying a sugarcane juice extractor. Sugarcane juice extractor prices in Kenya vary according to the features of the extractor.

4. Power

The power consumption of sugarcane juice extractors is also a crucial factor. Some juice extractors consume a lot of power. Therefore they are not suitable. Energy-saving juice extractors are the best choice for your domestic and commercial needs.

How to use a sugarcane juice extractor

The following steps highlight how to use a sugarcane juice extractor:

  1. Start by inserting your sugarcane into the opening at the front of the sugarcane juice extractor. Ensure that you plug in the extractor and that no previous sugarcane pieces are inside the extractor.
  2. Start the machine and wait for it to extract your juice.
  3. Place an empty container under the extractor’s outlet taps. The container stores the extracted juice.
  4. After extraction, the juice will stop flowing into the container. You can add more sugarcane sticks to the machine if you need more sugarcane juice. If you have enough, remove the container and enjoy your juice.

How to maintain your sugarcane juice extractor

Like any machine, your sugarcane juice extractor needs regular maintenance to operate efficiently.

One way to maintain your sugarcane juice extractor is to remove any sugarcane roughage inside your machine after you use it. This step is necessary as it prevents the sugarcane juice extractor from jamming because of clogging. The roughage clogs the sugarcane juice extractor.

Another maintenance measure is to clean your sugarcane juice extractor after use. Since the juice is for human consumption, regular cleaning ensures that you or your customers do not become sick.


Sugarcane juice is a favorite drink for many people. To enjoy your sugarcane juice without much hassle, you should consider buying a sugarcane juice extractor.

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