People all over the world celebrate marijuana for its therapeutic benefits. Some countries have also incorporated marijuana into their holy ceremony. For example, people belonging to the Hindu religion in India have long been using marijuana for their religious purpose. It is, in fact, the Indian culture that gave rise to the hippy movement in America. In modern times, American scientists have discovered the therapeutic benefits of marijuana and incorporated the same in modern medicines. Over the last few decades, recreational and medical usage of marijuana has been legalized in most US states. So, one can safely host a weed party and enjoy what the plant has to offer. Continue reading this article to learn practical tips for hosting a weed party.

The Guest List: There are two kinds of people: those who know how to party and those who don’t. If you want to throw your first weed party, you should do it in style. Party lovers know that weed breathes a new life into the party, and everybody enjoys occasional puffs. Weed makes you lose your anxiety and lets you join the fun. But, keep in mind some precautions while throwing a weed party. For example, you cannot invite a minor to your party as it may lead to legal trouble. Therefore, only invite adults you know who are weed enthusiasts or comfortable trying weed.

The Preparations: When one consumes weed, he is generally in a mellow mood. Therefore, avoid harsh lighting at the party. You can use soft lighting and party décor to create a comfy vibe. You may even take inspiration from the 70s parties and make a disco-style party décor.

  • If you plan to host the party in your living room, lay down a few comfy cushions over the carpet and decorate the space with blankets and pillows. The soft floor will help everyone sit comfortably while sharing a joint.
  • Get pre-rolls of different flavors from a dispensary near you. You must purchase weed from authorized shops that sell weed and marijuana-infused products such as CBD gummies and oils. For example, you may look for a marijuana dispensary in phoenix to get the pre-rolls for the party.
  • Light up scented candles to eliminate the smell of weed from the room. The candles will also act as a secondary source of soft lighting. You may also have a few lava lamps nearby to create a spooky mood.

The Music: You cannot host a successful party without playing some Lit music. You can find marijuana-inspired playlists on Spotify and YouTube. However, if you have a friend who is an aspiring DJ and wants to help you with the party, ask him to play his selection of tunes for the night.

Safety Issues: You must maintain a few ground rules when hosting a weed party. The first rule is to stay informed. If you serve your guests with marijuana edibles such as pot brownies, let them know what is in those brownies. After the party is over, the guests should call for an Uber instead of driving themselves. Driving under the influence is a legal offense.

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