How to start a mobile cocktail bar London business

A cocktail mobile bar hire service is something that can quickly turn into a lucrative career. Many people find it easy to get in touch with a mobile cocktail bar hire service for various events. Mobile cocktail bars help hosts stay stress-free during events. It’s also a cost-effective method and a good way to keep guests happy.

Searching for the term ‘mobile cocktail bar near me’ or ‘mobile cocktail bar hire near me’ will give a selected number of businesses that incorporate mobile bars in London. Do you have what it takes to be on this list? 

Here is a guide on how to set up a cocktail mobile bar hire business including the important factors that you need to consider.

  • Create a business plan

The plan is something that is very important in any business. The same is true for a mobile cocktail bar hire business too. Here are a few things that you need to consider for your cocktail mobile bar hire service business plan.

  • Overview of the business
  • List down the services offered. It could be the drinks you plan to serve such as cocktails and wines or only cocktail and what kind of cocktails. 
  • Identify the target markets and trends. This will help understand who you’re marketing to and focus on their buying trends.

Focusing on these three factors is important at the initial planning stages of your mobile cocktail bar business.

  • Set up a bank account for the business

Any business needs a separate bank account to handle financial transactions of all types. It’s vital that you keep track of all expenses and payments in your cocktail mobile bar business. If you use your personal account for your business, you can easily mix up your personal savings with the income that your business generates. This is a major issue as you will find it difficult to keep track of your profits, and if your mobile bar hire business is actually running on profit.

Business accounts also have separate terms and conditions where you may also be approved to take much higher loans than from your personal account. Set up a bank account at the initial stages when you are about to execute the business plan.

  • Obtain licenses and permits

A mobile cocktail bar essentially means that you will be dealing with liquor. Anyone dealing with liquor and alcohol for a business needs to have permits to be engaged in such. Therefore, ensure that you get all of the required permit and licenses for your cocktail mobile bar business. Failure to do so will lead to you being charged hefty fines which is definitely going to be a loss for your business. So get this part cleared before you start the business.

  • Buy a used car

Buying a used car costs less than buying a new one. A good inspection of the car will show you if it’s in good condition and that would be fine at the beginning of your business. You need to keep costs at a minimum to gain more profit from mobile cocktail bar hire business, at least at the initial stages. It will take some time for you to cover up the capital, so you need to focus on cutting costs wherever possible. Getting yourself a car is essential to run a mobile cocktail bar. 

There are many factors to consider in this step:

  • Choose a mobile cocktail bar design that fits your budget. There are so many designs to choose from such as modern, vintage, and retro.
  • Decide on the structural fixtures to include in your cocktail mobile bar such as bar lighting and bar signs. It will help your mobile cocktail bar look classy, professional, and well-organized.
  • Consider on which bar equipment you require to run your cocktail mobile bar hire service. Example of bar equipment and tools that you might need are shakers, blenders, strainers, and shot glasses. Ensure that you have everything before you start operating your mobile cocktail bar hire service.
  • Stock your bar with a great selection of drinks. Depending on your business plan and budget you may need a variety of liquors including beer and wine. Do your research well so that you know how much of each type you need to have before you start your mobile cocktail bar.
  • Promote your business

You need to take your cocktail mobile bar hire service among the people where you have the potential customer base. This requires a well-designed marketing strategy. There are many events that are usually help during the weekend. You can use traditional and digital marketing techniques to promote your mobile cocktail bar business among potential customers. A proper marketing strategy lets people and brands know about your business.

Around 83% of marketers use social media for their marketing campaigns. Social media marketing done properly is a great way to capture potential customers and grow your business. Create a page for your mobile cocktail bar London business so that it goes among the people. Ensure to list down all of the services that you offer along with unique selling points of your business.

Mobile cocktail bar hire service is a lucrative business if done in the proper way. It requires a lot of planning and long-term thinking. You also need to ensure that your stick to the rules and regulations by obtaining the required licenses and permits.

There is a large number of events every month in London and surrounding areas. If you offer a fair rate, you will surely become a popular mobile cocktail bar hire service in London. Therefore, use the proper marketing techniques to reach the intended target market to help grow your business.

Cocktail mobile bar hire service requires minimal planning and can be started quite easily if you follow the above procedure. Soon, your, mobile cocktail bar hire service will be much sought after in London due to amazing customer satisfaction.