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A Guide to Japanese Slot Machines and Pachinko

When it comes to gambling, Japan is known for having tight laws and rules. This is why there are no land-based casinos in the nation when you visit. Pachinko and slots, however, have replaced them as popular betting games among residents in Japan. Pachislots are slot machines that were added to pachinko as it developed through time. 

The local Japanese gaming sector was slowly overrun by these devices. The majority of the machines may be found in Pachinko parlours, which are typically found in malls or on busy downtown streets.

Additionally, many Japanese people can take pleasure in playing online casino games. Despite being prohibited from hosting or running internet casinos in Japan, they are permitted to play at foreign online casinos that accept Japanese players. Continue reading for a quick overview of Pachinko and ポーカー slot machines in Japan if you’re interested in learning more.


The 1920s saw the construction of the first Pachinko machines in Japan, which were initially created for children. Masamura Takeuchi, however, revamped it in the 1930s and made it into an activity for adults. He made it harder by adding a complicated pattern of nails. 

Nagoya saw the opening of the world’s first commercial Pachinko parlour following World War II. Since then, it has gained enormous popularity throughout all of Japan.

The Rules of Pachinko

Pachinko is really simple to play. Simply insert some money or tokens into the machine, then click the play button to begin. Push the lever to release the metal balls after that. The balls will continue to fire out if you continue to hold the lever. Wait for your earnings after that to discover if you were lucky.

Comparable to slot machines, a player wins when three similar numbers are available. The machine will start playing a tune and turn every ball into 10 new balls at that point. When you click a button to gather the balls, they are emptied into a bucket.

Pachinko parlours have specific regulations. For instance, pinball machines cannot be carried outside the boundaries of the parlour. Additionally, you are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages while playing. 

dditionally, you do not receive cash when you win at Pachinko or any other slot machine in Japan. You will instead get pinballs or other things. After that, you can swap them for cash at a different store outside the parlour, which is frequently directly next door.

Japanese Slot Machine Laws

Since slot machines are so prevalent in Japan, the government established specific rules that must always be obeyed. One of them is that a slot machine should only have three reels and that a player should be able to stop each of those reels by pressing a button. Additionally, a reel cannot spin faster than 80 times per minute. And in 0.19 seconds after pressing the button, it ought to come to a complete halt.

Another rule to abide by is that the credit metre shouldn’t have more than 50 credits and that the maximum payment per spin can’t be more than 15 coins. The most that can be wagered is merely three coins.

Despite the numerous limitations set forth by the national standard criteria, several players in Japan have developed techniques to improve their odds of success. Additionally, even though there is a maximum payout of 15 coins every spin, many players employ bonuses to boost their profits.

Slots are accessible online in Japan.

If you prefer to play ポーカー 一覧 slot games that are more entertaining, you can instead choose to play in Japanese online casinos. Slots, as opposed to Pachinko, are simple to play online. Pachinko can also be played online, however many players think that doing so is less enjoyable than actually visiting a Pachinko parlour.

Because the reels can spin the same way as on a physical machine, slot games are more suited to being played online. It’s also a better choice, particularly if you want to bypass the numerous restrictions placed on Pachinko and slot machine play in Japan’s physical casinos. Visit Vera & John Casino and pick from their extensive variety of online slots if you want to try playing slots online.


Since casinos are not permitted in Japan, many people choose to play Pachinko and slot machines in Pachinko parlours or online casinos for entertainment and the possibility to win cash. We hoped you found this information to be informative concerning Pachinko and slot machines in Japan.

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