How To Outsource SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has revolutionized online marketing and given online competition a whole new perspective. SEO helps you rank higher and mask more online visibility. SEO is the best way to uproot organic traffic and enhance sales. While SEO has become an inevitable part of digital marketing, it’s not always easy to perform SEO and get results through it. You need in depth knowledge and experience in SEO to draw successful results through SEO. Some might consider having an in-house team but that is quite time consuming and costly as you would have to invest in equipment, full time employees, training etc. if you want to perform SEO faster and better, simply outsource SEO.

What is SEO outsourcing?

SEO has become vital for every business to stay in line with the competition and beat them in the online market. Whenever you decide to adopt SEO you need a SEO Expert to perform SEO for you. This is when you need to outsource SEO. Outsourcing SEO involves hiring an SEO Expert or SEO agency to perform SEO for your business. These SEO Experts study and analyze your business and draft strongest SEO strategies for you to improve your overall ROI and profit.

When you outsource SEO you hand over your entire data to a company to work on and make better. While handing over such a huge responsibility it becomes vital that you know the company in and out. This is a guide that helps you confer how to outsource SEO and from whom.

Whom can you hire to perform SEO for you?

1. SEO Company or reseller:

There are many SEO Companies and resellers that help you perform SEO. These are dedicated teams of SEO experts that provide you overall SEO and digital marketing services. They even provide you web designing and development services. They’re a complete team of SEO experts, digital marketing experts, web developers, data analysts, content writers etc. you can reach out to any SEO agency to get this entire team to work on your project easily. They are full fledged SEO service providers that have years of experience and knowledge.

2. Freelancing SEO Experts:

SEO freelancers are individuals or groups of SEO experts that perform SEO for you. They are not in association with any company but work alone. These SEO experts are available in remote locations and can be hired easily. You get economical v services here with no compromise on results. You can find these freelancers on Google easily. If your business has minimal SEO needs it’s better to go for a freelancer than outsourcing SEO to a company.

3. An in house SEO team:

You can even consider setting up an in-house SEO team who can perform SEO just for you around the clock. You need to train your employees to perform SEO and then provide them all the equipment required for SEO. This is a time consuming and costly affair but you get an entire team dedicated to performing SEO.

How to outsource SEO? 

Step 1: conduct research and confer the best SEO agencies:

To find the best SEO Company that suits your needs and will surely bring you results you need to find and enlist all the successful SEO companies near you. See for companies that have good online reviews and have worked for multiple fields. Choosing an experienced company helps you leverage from their experience and knowledge. Now figure out and compare companies based on the services they offer and pricing. Visit these companies and ask for previous success reports and customer testimonials. Also check whether they have experience of working with a firm like yours or not. Once you have assured that you are getting the right services at the right price from an experienced firm or freelancer, outsource your SEO to them.

Step 2: communicate your marketing and company goals to the company:

When you outsource your SEO plan, discuss with the company your company goals that you wish to achieve in the short term. Explain what you are aiming to achieve through SEO. It could be more traffic, sales, branding etc. Choose minimum services at first to check whether they are working or not. Do not take up heavy packages in the beginning to make withdrawal easy at later stage, you should always improve to new services later. Ask you SEO experts for solutions and the impact they would get. Decide on a time limit in which the company would help you get some progress.

Step 3: ensure regular reporting and transparency:

Whenever you outsource SEO it is important to have transparency in work, this helps you stay in line with what is being done on your project. Assure that your company provides you reports and analytics regularly. Track progress through these reports. You can use these analytics to improve your current products and services and also which all products are your bestsellers over the period. Ask questions about the progress and what can be done next to get better results. Ensure only white hat techniques are being used throughout.

Step 4: upgrade your plans slowly:

You should be able to see some progress and results within 2 months. If you can spot successful results, you can think of taking up more marketing services from the company. Initially try taking a smaller package with vital services; it makes it easier for you to withdraw out of the plan if you do not see results. While on a later stage you can always upgrade to more services. Add new services to improve results.

Things to keep in mind while outsourcing SEO services?

  1. Check for reviews and customer testimonials before hiring any SEO company. Make sure you are seeing genuine
  2. Always ask for previous case studies and experience.
  3. The most important thing to see whether the company is actually efficient is to see their websites SERP Ranking. Any successful company will always have its website ranking amidst the top search engine results.
  4. Do not fall for more services and low price traps. There are parties that promise you results within weeks in a small amount; this is not possible. SEO requires time.
  5. Understand the working of SEO and ask for a proposal before finalizing any plan. Always make sure you visit your SEO company and expert.