How To Keep A Clean House

Maintaining a clean house often seems like a difficult task for some persons either married or single. It is a different case for those with kids. After hours spent working and coming back to a tattered house can be infuriating. This is why you need garbage collection service, from H&J Long Island Junk Removal | Suffolk County to help you keep a clean house. 

Read on, I will share with you 9 easy tips on how to keep a clean house even with a busy schedule.

9 Tips On How To Keep A Clean House From The Specific To The Common

Tidy up the mattresses every dawn 

The first thing to do after the night slumber, is to clean up the bedroom immediately before engaging in any other house chores. There is a big difference in coming home after a long day at work to meet a clean bed. It makes the exhaustion of the day weigh out.

Change house wears every week

A week should not go by without changing the bedsheet, pillowcases, curtains, table cloth, etc. Doing this will keep the house free from unpleasant odor. You do not want to bring in a guest to a smelly home.

Always do the dish after the evening meal

Washing up immediately after dinner, make your morning duties less stressful. Imagine entering a kitchen full of plates from the previous night, honestly, the zeal to wash up the dishes the next morning will be low. If it seems too difficult to keep up with, get a dishwasher. Also, do not forget to clean up the refrigerator.

Disinfect the bathroom thrice a week

Although this should be a daily routine because of how fragile the human body is, to infections and other toilet diseases. Pick a convenient day of the week and clean up the bathrooms.

Brush, clean the floor, and wipe the windows

The first thing to do is to get yourself a good vacuum cleaner, floor disinfectant, mop bucket, and mop stick. Mopping and vacuuming keep the house neat and sparkling. Also, wipe the windows with a window cleaner products or pay a window washer to do the job for you.

Do not pile up the laundries

There is this pattern that has worked for me since I got married seven years ago. After the day’s activities, I make sure to do the washing every day. At first, it was tasking but became easier as time went by. This makes my weekend less occupied and have a lot of time to spend with my kids. However, you can decide on the model suitable for you. For example, twice or thrice a week. 

Take out the trash every day

Storing up waste in the house brings about bad odor, germs, etc. Convert the ones meant for recycling and do away with the other. Doing this every day will prevent insects from penetrating your house.

Dejunk needless possessions  

Do not store up unnecessary items in the house. Some people have the habit of accumulating things they no longer need in their home. For instance, oversized clothes, shoes, broken boxes, books, etc. Set a comfortable time, select the ones for donations and throw the remaining inside the dumpster. Consider renting a dumpster from to make the process easier. It’s a great way to get rid of things you no longer need and free up some extra space in your home

Share the chores

Everybody should take part in cleaning the house except in the case of a single person. As a mother/father with kids(ten years upward), house tasks should be allotted to every member of the family. Teach them how to keep things where they belong after use. Also, make up the bed after sleep. Husband can help in cutting the grass, watering the gardens, doing laundries, etc.