Given the relatively tiny size of bikes when they crash with sedans and trucks, Arizona’s motorcycle accidents always have the potential for disastrous outcomes. The aftermath of a motorbike accident can make it difficult for individuals involved to think clearly about what to do next. Regardless, the actions you take following a motorbike accident that leaves you hurt could significantly impact your ability to get the money you require in damages. Here is how you should handle the situation.

Get to safety immediately.

Both you and your motorcycle were likely knocked to the ground in a motorbike collision. If at all feasible, move to a safe location by the side of the road, away from incoming traffic. Don’t take that chance if you’re in pain and feel like you can’t move. You’ll need to find some safety to ensure you don’t face any further threats.

Call the police

Get in touch with the police as soon as possible. Do not assume that someone else will do this. The sooner the police arrive at the accident scene, the better chance they will have of protecting the evidence and getting fairly accurate statements from anyone involved in the accident and any witnesses. Inform the officer of the location of the collision and any injuries you may have sustained.

Exchange information

You must share contact and insurance information if the other driver stopped after the collision. You should only exchange the facts while being considerate and polite. Under no circumstances should you start a conversation about the accident’s specifics. If the other motorist tries to start a conversation, tell them politely and directly that you’d prefer to give the police your account. If neither you nor the other driver is calm, do not talk to the other and wait for the police to arrive.

Give your statement

The police will probably secure the area to gather evidence and correctly compile reports. Give a detailed narrative of the occurrences leading up to the accident, and do not speculate. Just tell the police whatever you believe is pertinent to know.

Seek medical attention

You should still visit a doctor as soon as possible, even if you don’t feel wounded. You owe it to yourself to err on the side of caution in this situation because some injuries do not manifest physically right away after a collision.

Consult a motorcycle accident attorney

Once confident that you’ve followed the above instructions, speak with an Arizona motorcycle accident attorney to safeguard your legal rights. Insurance companies and possibly other attorneys will become involved, regardless of the accident’s facts. Rather than attempting to handle everything alone, please leave it to a qualified professional who can give you a chance to concentrate on your rehabilitation.

Final thoughts

After an accident, it’s critical to preserve your eligibility for compensation by gathering proof and assembling crash information. To support your case, your attorney must carefully study this material, speak with any eyewitnesses, and review the police record.