How to Get Full Protection From the Best Spray Sunscreen

Have you ever bought the best spray sunscreen on the market and found that it didn’t give you quite the protection you were expecting? If that’s the case, you’re not on your own, as there are worryingly high numbers of people out there who don’t know the best way to use the product for full efficacy. 

When you find yourself in a position where you need to use sunscreen, it’s often bright enough to have to squint – something that leads people to not read instructions properly. That’s when problems start, so we felt we had to combat the problem by speaking some truth about the subject.

Urban myths are common in the sunscreen world, and it’s important not to be taken in by them, as it’s your skin that will suffer. Here we show you how it should be used.

The Best Spray Sunscreen Should Be Applied Generously

When applying sunscreen of any kind, it’s best not to be shy about it. Of course, mineral sunscreens are thicker than chemical brands, but you still need to ensure full coverage. When using the best spray sunscreen around, you need around a shot glass full – which is quite a number of sprays – to cover your entire face and body. 

After application, the entire surface of your skin should be glistening in the sun after you’ve rubbed it in completely. When you get to your face, however, we wouldn’t recommend spraying directly onto your visage, as you risk breathing it in. The jury is still out with regard to whether this causes long-term harm to you, but at the very least – it tastes disgusting!

Never Apply Spray Sunscreen While Smoking

You might feel like multi-tasking when you’re on the beach to save time, but there are a couple of things we wouldn’t do at the same time. Those two things are; using spray sunscreen and smoking. The sunscreen itself isn’t flammable, however, some sprays use aerosols for delivery and those can catch light in an instant!

By the same token, you shouldn’t spray sunscreen near any naked flame, such as those found under the grill on a barbecue. Before you go anywhere near those burgers, you have to have already sprayed the stuff on and rubbed it into your skin. 

Reapply Every 2 Hours…Without Fail!

The last piece of advice we’ll give you is to make sure you follow the guidelines given for all forms of sunscreen. That means applying it liberally every 2 hours or so, as that’s the stated length of protection all products provide. Don’t let anyone tell you that this isn’t needed, as it most certainly is. 

The only time this might not apply is when you or your family member has been swimming or sweating profusely. All brands suffer when you start sweating or get wet, as water is super effective at washing it off, meaning you’re exposed from that point onward. 

It’s Easy to Get Full Protection From the Best Spray Sunscreen

So, here’s what you need to remember. Firstly, you should apply both mineral and chemical spray sunscreens liberally in order to get full protection. Secondly, you should avoid using near any kind of naked flame, and thirdly, you need to reapply the stuff every 2 hours, no question. These are the basic tenets that, if followed, will ensure you get the protection your skin deserves. 

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