How to Buy the Correct Booster Car Seat?

It is always fun to travel with kids. They are a fantastic company with constant chatter, curiosity, and general merriment. However, travelling with kids also requires extra caution and care for their safety. Road and traffic conditions are unpredictable, so it is essential to ensure that children always remain safe while riding in a car. 

Approximately 150 Australian kids lose their lives in road accidents every year. You cannot predict or control how others drive, but you can ensure your vehicle is perfectly equipped to keep your kids safe. A booster car seat is one of the most important items in your car when travelling with kids. A booster seat is specifically designed for children. Placed in the backseat of vehicles, they ensure your kid is strapped in comfortably and remains safe in case of a speed break, emergency break, or any other incident.

Since various booster seats are available, picking the correct seat might seem challenging or overwhelming. However, when it comes to the safety of children, one must check and investigate all the options carefully and thoroughly before making a purchase.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Booster Seat

There are various factors to keep in mind when shopping for a cat seat for children:

  • Size

Booster seats vary according to a child’s weight and height. Keep your kid’s height and weight and the seat’s dimensions in mind when making your purchase. It would be best to choose the right seat that is neither too small nor too big for your child and accommodates them perfectly. There are various types of booster seats. Make sure you choose the right one for your child.

  • Compatibility

Before purchasing the car seat, ensure it is compatible with your vehicle’s model. Every car has different dimensions and spaciousness. Thus, it is essential to pick a seat that fits the car easily, accommodates the child perfectly, and neither gets stuck nor leaves any extra space between the booster seat and the car seat, making the child fall.

  • Safety

Proper Harnesses: Every car seat should have five safety harnesses: two for the shoulders, two for the thighs, and one to place between the kid’s legs. The harnesses should be easy to put on and remove, so you do not have to spend much time putting them on in case of an emergency or if you are in a hurry. The straps and buckles on the harness should be adjustable – neither too tight to make the child uncomfortable nor too loose that it comes off easily.

Latches: The booster seat should have sturdy latches that can easily be attached to the car without depending on the seat belts.

Impact Protection: When buying a booster car seat, ensure it is padded properly and the headrest supports the child’s head perfectly. The car seat should also have pads and foam that provide the child with side impact protection in case of an accident.

  • Easy to Install

Choose a booster seat that is easy to install, remove, and re-install. Ensure the shop you purchase the seat from provides an instruction manual that gives you easy to read installation instructions. If a manual is not available, make sure the website has posted instructional videos online.

Final Thoughts

A booster car seat is essential while travelling with a child. Ensure the booster seat you purchase is properly padded, compatible with your child’s height and weight and your vehicle, and equipped with the necessary safety gear.

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