How to Book a Private Jet Charter

Some people might book a private jet because they are too busy to fly commercially or don’t want the hassle. Others want to avoid airport security or wait in long airport lines. Still, others are interested in having more control over their schedule and meeting tight deadlines with efficiency and convenience.

Regardless of why you need a private jet, there are some things you should know. Booking a charter is not just about convenience. It’s also about safety and cost. If you are going to charter a plane, here are some booking tips.

1. Get a Private Jet Quote from Several Sources

Ticket prices for private jets vary widely. Sometimes, the lowest prices aren’t even in an advertisement. Getting quotes and finding the best deals is important if you want to pay the least money possible. Get quotes from several sources if you search for the best price on a plane rental.

2. Price Information Is Not Accurate

A charter doesn’t come with an official contract. Also, it isn’t easy to get accurate price information on a private jet. If you are getting a quote from one company, make sure they know how long you intend to use the plane and any other requirements that might affect the final cost. Also, if your company has a preferred vendor list or offers incentives to certain people, ask if they can send copies of their current contracts.

3. Make sure you Know the Difference Between Hire Aircraft, Charter and Buy

You should understand the difference between a fractional aircraft ownership and a hired aircraft. If you are chartering an aircraft, you will have to pay for each hour this aircraft is in your possession. There is no plane ownership in a charter agreement from one company to another. It is simply a rental.

4. Booking a Charter Is Subject to Last-Minute Change

In most cases, you’ll have to book the plane that you want two days or more in advance to get the price you want. It can be inconvenient because you may need to make last-minute changes if your business plans change unexpectedly.

5. Be Careful about Cancelling at the Last Minute

When booking, ask about any cancellation fees and penalties for failure to cancel at the appropriate time. Cancellation penalties also differ widely.

6. Ask Questions

Ask questions if you aren’t sure about any of the services offered. Talk to the charter service agent to find out how many people will be on board, how long each person will be on board, what equipment is available, if there are any special requirements for travel, etc.

7. Ask about Cancellation Policies

As mentioned above, some charter companies charge a cancellation fee for each trip canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Ask about any cancellation penalties.

8. Don’t Forget to Tape or Print Out the Quote and Checklist

Make sure you get a written quote from the charter company or an online form that includes all of your booking requirements. Be sure to include all of these details so that if you cancel at the last minute, your company will have everything, including pricing, when it is time to make reservations.

9. Get a Blanket Insurance Policy

A charter can be a costly way to travel. Some companies take care of the most expensive items on these flights and provide basic refreshments and ground transportation services. If your company needs a lot of equipment for important business meetings, it is important to get a      private jet charter with both commercial and personal liability insurance. This coverage is essential because it covers the cost of any lost or damaged materials during the flight.

10. Don’t Forget to Find Out Who Owns the Plane

If your company needs a charter for many people, make sure you ask who owns the plane used. Usually, companies will provide more space and a more luxurious environment if they own their planes. If possible, ask if you can reserve a certain date on an aircraft that your company owns.

11. Be Careful with Information

Many companies ask for passport numbers, credit card numbers, home addresses or telephone numbers. Sometimes, this information is used for identity theft and other crimes if the information is not kept secure.


Booking a charter is not as simple as it might sound. You need to know many things about booking a charter before you book. Even though the process may be complicated, ask questions if something sounds suspicious or doesn’t make sense. Also, ask to have the information from the quote written down and saved in case there is a last-minute change or cancellation that needs to be processed immediately. Ensure the company has everything you need to make decisions, understand the contract terms, and remember details.