How do Bongs Work?

Before we get into bongs themselves, let’s talk a little bit about smoking, especially the reasons behind the drastic social attitude changes regarding smoking over the past forty or so years. Many people reading this may be old enough to remember a time back in the day when just about everywhere allowed casual smoking. This included everywhere from offices to hospitals, grocery stores, bars and restaurants. The first places to offer segregation in regards to smoking were restaurants, many people appreciating a space where they didn’t have to smell cigarette smoke while eating. This is more just a general customer nicety and concession than any kind of anti-smoking movement, with the majority of smoking on sections being bigger than the non-smoking sections in most restaurants back then then.

At some point, smoking was banned in all but dedicated smoking areas in the late 80s, this being due to the justifiable disdain for secondhand smoke. It was shown that secondhand smoke was almost as toxic as directly smoking, and it just wasn’t okay to impact everyone else’s health with a habit like this. However, in the twenty-first century, the vitriolic towards smoking has ramped up significantly. There’s a good reason for it, though there is a lot to be said for people minding their own business and leaving smokers alone, especially considering that smoking in most places had already been dealt with long before this ire built up.

Why is it so hated, though? Well, in a world where everyone thinks it is their responsibility to babysit everyone else, any kind of toxic habit like this is going to receive a nasty social attitude. Smoking is, of course, extremely bad for you. Smoke is made of ash and carcinogenic compounds, and these are what caused the cancer, respiratory and pulmonary illnesses and heart disease associated with smoking. It isn’t the nicotine, because while nicotine is rather addictive, it isn’t toxic in the dosages found in consumer products. It is, however, bad for developing bodies, so no form of nicotine should ever be given to children.

If you are looking for a healthier way to smoke and the truly smokeless electronic solutions aren’t your thing, which is understandable, you should consider switching to bongs. In the way they work is actually pretty simple. When pulling smoke from the lit bowl, the smoke goes through water on the way out. Water is probably the closest thing to a universal filter out there, just as it is the closest thing to a universal solvent. While this doesn’t remove all of the toxins from smoke, and secondhand smoke is still very much a problem with these devices, it is drastically healthier than just about any other form of smoking short of hookahs.

Bongs are of course more popular among various cultures that appreciate other dry herbs, but tobacco is what they were invented for by the same cultures that generally invented the aforementioned hookah. Interested? Shisha Glass is your one-stop shop for various bongs including the ever-popular ozbongs!

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