How Can You Get Away With A Non-Compete Agreement?

There have been instances when employees don’t want to sign the non-compete agreement because they don’t wish to limit their employment. However, if they already have signed it, they want to come out of it so that they can work in the desired field and don’t have the intention to give out the company’s vital information to competitors. In such a scenario, all they can do is contact non-competition agreement lawyers Charlotte NC because the laws change with states.  An attorney can suggest the best solution since he is well-versed in these laws. 

Ways to get out of a non-agreement

If the agreement has been restricting you to pursue your dreams, you can get out of it by making valid points. Some of them have been elaborated on below:

Proving that you don’t have an access to the vital information

If you actually are not performing any duty at your work that can make you access the trade secrets of your company, you can prove it in court. The judge may not find the agreement reasonable if you don’t have any vital information on business strategies and transactions.

Breach of contract

You might be relieved from your obligations if your employer has buried the contract with the employment contract. However, you need to have solid proof to prove that your employer has breached the contract. In such a scenario, you might be able to come out of this contract easily.

The amount of time is more

In many companies, the time included in an agreement is more than two years. If this is the case, you can get in touch with an attorney, who can file a case against your employer. The judge will find this irrelevant and hence, may cancel the contract altogether. It will also depend on the industry, state and your job.

You are into public health services 

Since healthcare services are important everywhere, if you are engaged in the healthcare industry, you can come out of the contract easily. Moreover, with the shortage of staff, this industry may not enforce non-compete agreements on healthcare workers. This law is also applicable if you are working in a science field. 

It is always a good idea to get in touch with an attorney, who has complete knowledge of agreements and contracts in businesses. He can suggest the best way to come out of the agreement if you are not comfortable with it. 

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