How Can I Get Thousands of Votes For a Contest on Facebook?

Facebook has many ways to generate votes. One method is to buy votes from a service, such as Buy Vote Service. There are also many gimmicks you can use, like Geo-targeting and Buy Vote Exchange Groups. Once you get a few thousand votes, it’s time to thank people for their participation. If you’re having trouble, you can always request an additional round of voting.

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Creating a Facebook group is a free way to generate votes for a Facebook contest. These groups allow people to ask others for their votes, with the expectation that they will also give you their votes. It is important to read the rules of each group, though, as some contests don’t allow this practice. Additionally, breaking these rules can lead to disqualification. To find groups on Facebook that allow this, do a Facebook search or Google search for “votes exchange groups.”

One way to increase the number of entries is to include a referral component. If you want to double your chances of winning, create a contest that includes a referral component. When people refer friends to your contest form, they receive a second chance to win. They are also likely to vote more often if they refer to others. Increasing the chances of winning, is a great way to increase the number of people who participate in your contest.

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If you have a Facebook contest, you can buy votes to increase your chances of winning. These votes are usually from real people who like your page and may also be interested in your business. If you want to use Facebook votes for your contest, you should know that they can be bought for a reasonable price. This can be an effective way to increase your social media exposure and boost your website traffic.

With the onset of the economic crisis, most people are tempted to turn to buy Facebook votes for their contests. However, that is not always a viable option. You can also buy votes for polls and contests for a fraction of the cost. Unlike other paid services, you won’t risk blocking accounts, and you can even choose which category you’d like to vote for. As long as you know your target audience, you can buy Facebook votes from Buy Real Media.


The basic idea behind geotargeting Facebook is that you can show your contest ads to Facebook users based on their location. While you can display ads to people within a city, district, state, or country, you can also choose a more specific location. Facebook allows you to target certain neighborhoods or cities, which is particularly useful when your contest is geared toward a specific demographic.

When using geotargeting on Facebook, it is important to follow the rules for the contest. First, you should consider your demographics and the location of your audience. Remember that you do not want to annoy people by using a random generator. Second, a contest landing page should be easy to navigate. It’s important not to use forms that ask for personal information because this will only result in a dropout or even blatant lying.

Buy Vote Exchange Groups

Creating a Facebook group is a free and easy way to generate tons of votes for a contest. A Facebook group is a community of people who share a common interest, such as a contest. The members are expected to provide their votes in return. Make sure that you carefully read the rules of the group before you join. Some contest rules forbid vote exchanges and if you do, you’ll likely be disqualified from the contest. Search for “vote exchange groups” on Facebook or Google to find current groups.


Another way to purchase win facebook voting contest is through a site called Vote Brokers. Vote Brokers help organizations buy votes from individuals and groups of people. The service also offers services like translating audio files to text and other simple outsourced tasks. However, the majority of these sites are restricted by Amazon Turk policies, which prevent you from paying workers to vote. You can still create your own Facebook contest page by hiring a developer on UpWork to write a script.

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