How Can Architects Improve Their Instagram?

Architects should learn how to use Instagram efficiently in today’s more advanced world because Instagram is an important way to share and display their architectural designs with other people. Instagram is also an excellent way to promote any brand effectively. As an architect, if you want to improve and promote your Instagram, this article will help you a lot.

Let’s take a look at how architects can improve their instagram for architects!

1. Create an Impressive Profile

First of all, as an architect, you should make an impressive and attractive profile on Instagram because this profile gives your complete identity by just one look. So, to make it more attractive, you should give small brief information about your business, your full website address and your company logo. It helps the other people on Instagram that they can make easy access to you.

2. Post Frequently Your Recent Projects

Most people are interested to see magical and attractive things so; you should tell people about your complete daily routine and tell them what you should do all day. As an architect, you can share the pictures of your recent projects that have been completed and share the architectural designs of your project.

3. Show Us Your Talent

As an architect, you should tell the specialty of your architectural company in which it gets popularity. You can also tell about the unique architectural designs that other people have never seen and used these architectural designs before. And you always share simple but authentic and attractive pictures of various architectural designs on Instagram.

4. Go Easy on the Hashtags

You should always use hashtags that are more relevant to your brand because hashtags connect you with many other people on Instagram. When you use the right hashtags, then more people are engaged with you. For one post, only two hashtags are necessary; otherwise, the post loses its importance.

5. Create the Captains that Provide the Context to Photo

When you add a caption with a specific picture, then it enhances the value of the image. But you should always use the caption of approximately one hundred and forty words. If you do not know to write with a good sense of humor, you should not try to write much more; instead, write a caption in some simple and unique words.

6. Take Advantage of Videos to Shake it Up a Bit

Commonly, when you post the videos on your Instagram profile, most people do not like the videos because they do not waste time seeing them. But sometimes, you need to post something more than that of a picture, so, in this case, you always post very short videos related to your architectural designs.

7. Do Not Be Worried to Take a Look Back

You can also add the old pictures that are related to your architectural designs. You should not be afraid to post these past pictures; maybe the old pictures are better and relate enough to your architectural design instead of new ones.


The above ways help you as an architect to improve your Instagram and engage more people. If you are looking for a good 3d architectural rendering company, then Archicgi is the best one.

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