Hovsco Hovcity 27.5 Step-thru Electric Bike For Adults

HovCity stands out with its geometric frame and step-through design for optimal comfort and power. Equipped with a powerful yet comfortable 750W motor from Bafang branch brand Sutto, its pedal assist and pure electric modes can reach 28mph for effortless riding experience.

With an array of innovative features such as an integrated torque sensor, this electric bike stands out as one of the more intriguing offerings on the market. In Hovsco you will find quality city bikes.


HOVSCO’s ebike range combines power, efficiency, and comfort into one package. They boast sleek designs with integrated batteries, upgraded brushless gear hub motors, and 7-speed Shimano shifters – as well as bold colors and precision welding for an upscale aesthetic.

Cruiser e-bikes feature relaxed riding positions and wide tires, perfect for longer excursions on bike paths or beaches. Their powerful 750W motors enable riders to reach speeds up to 28 mph with electric assist bike, plus long-range batteries and features like rear racks, fenders and lights make these ideal options for longer journeys.

Folding electric bikes take up less space, making them perfect for travelers or office staff who wish to store their ebike in a trunk or closet. Folders also make an excellent commuter bike option as their adjustable components and 36V 15Ah LG cells Lithium-Ion battery provide ample range – 40-60 miles on one charge is the average range per charge!


HOVSCO offers an ebike selection that can handle a range of terrain. Equipped with quality components and stylish frames that make riding them easy and effortless, these models provide a fun yet healthy option to car travel. HOVSCO models are relatively cost-effective alternatives if you want to switch out car trips for something fun and healthy like an ebike trip.

This model features an efficient 750W motor that can reach speeds up to 28mph in pedal assist mode, its durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame features both step-through and step-over designs for user preference, with easy battery access/locking mechanism and smart LCD display which integrates with HOVCO app for optimal functionality.

This model features a Bafang sub-brand SUTTO motor that can deliver maximum torque of 65Nm for effortless hill climbing and faster speedups. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive 720Wh battery that offers decent range. Full charge times take 4 hours while it lasts 1000 cycles before needing replacement.


HovCity Bikes provide a pleasurable and relaxing ride experience. Simply pedal normally or activate the throttle for added power when necessary. Their powerful 750W motor supports pedal-assist mode at up to 28mph allowing them to get you wherever you need to be without worrying about traffic or hills.

This 720Wh battery offers great range and can be charged either on or off your bike for added convenience. Plus, its integrated lock prevents anyone from tampering with its controls or battery pack!

HOVSCO was launched in 2019 and offers an attractive selection of electric bikes that can be used for trail riding, city commuting and off-road exploration. Their frames include step-over and step-through styles as well as fat tire e-bikes for fat tire adventures – they even fold for convenient transport and storage! Also featured on these bikes is attractive colors and smooth welding for premium looks; front fenders and lights provide added safety protection.


The HovCity e-bike is an attractive e-bike that represents excellent value for money. Its high-grade battery, upgraded brushless gear hub motor and Shimano 7-speed shifters ensure its superior performance while its beautiful color options give it a premium feel. Furthermore, its well-built frame uses durable materials.

The E-Bike features a 500W hub-mounted motor which can reach speeds of 28 miles per hour when pedal assist is engaged, and comes equipped with a 720Wh Samsung/LG battery that offers up to 60 miles of range.

The e-bike boasts many practical features, such as front and rear cargo racks. This makes it ideally suited to commuters needing to transport equipment for work or children around town, plus its ease of handling makes for an impressive riding experience.

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