Here’s What you Need to Know When Buying a Jeep

The best investment for lovers of driving adventures, off-roading, and thrills is a sturdy SUV like a Jeep. What’s more, the vehicle effortlessly doubles into a daily–use of the car for city street driving. With all its perks and unique features, it is obvious that a Jeep is not light on the pocket.

However, do not be disheartened if the bold SUV is the car of your dreams – head to a reliable Jeep dealer in Moreno Valley to get your hands on a used Jeep in the best condition. All you need to do is tick off some deciding factors before you close the deal. Once done, you can cover a 2-hour ride from Moreno Valley to Malibu beach or San Diego every weekend.

What should you look for before buying a used jeep?

There are several used Jeeps available with a Jeep dealer in Moreno Valley. These high-value vehicles are almost always in good condition since they are built to withstand trauma.

Grab the best ROI on purchasing a used jeep by analyzing the following aspects:

The overall look of the Jeep’s body

Take a step back and analyze the vehicle from all angles. Check for dents on the body, cracks in the window shield, all four tires, etc. Ensure that the symmetry of the vehicle is intact. Check the exterior of the Jeep while it is on level ground for a rough idea of whether the Jeep has had any accidents or a history of rough usage.

Look for rust

Beware of rust along the frames of the vehicle. Repair and maintenance will be a nightmare if you find rust in these areas. Further, you might have to change certain parts entirely because of the continual build-up of rust.

Engine fluids

Check the radiator cap before warming up the engine, and use a dipstick to ensure that the fluid is topped. For automatic Jeeps, check the transmission fluid for any noises, odors, leaks, etc.

Make sure to look at the exhaust. If a lot of smoke comes out of the tailpipe, it is a red flag.

Test ride

Always take any used vehicles for a test ride. Pay attention to the steering suspension of the Jeep. Suspension is the relative motion between tires, springs, and shock absorbers that allows a smooth ride even on rocky roads.

If you are moving to one side of the road, feeling the tiniest bumps, and the car tilts towards one side, there is a suspension issue. Further, the Jeep may be low on transmission fluid if the vehicle does not accelerate properly.

Pro-tip: Take the beast for a bumpy, muddy road ride to check the smoothness of the 4 x 4 transmission.

Wrapping Up

While the above tips will help you pick one of the best-used Jeeps, go in with an open mind. Some issues, such as a bad U–joint or a squeaky pulley, can be fixed easily with the help of a local mechanic.

Apart from these minor issues, if the engine, suspension, and transmission look good, you have gotten yourself a steal deal. With an easier maintenance routine and affordable spare parts, you will save a lot of money while going for the best adventures with your new companion!

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