Has mobile gaming overtaken PC gaming?

It is safe to say that gaming attitudes have changed over the last decade or so, as much of the world’s population have started to use their mobile and other handheld gadgets to enjoy a number of their favorite titles.

A recent study had suggested that over 2.2 billion of approximately the world’s 7.9 billion population is believed to have been actively using their mobile devices for gaming activities, with around 62% of the entire population owning a device that would allow them to do so. As 62% equates to approximately 4.88 billion, that means almost half of those who own a gadget that lets them do this play games.

Furthermore, it had also been suggested that gaming accounts for 43% of all smartphone use, thus highlighting just how much of an impact mobiles has had on the entire sector. 25% of all iOS downloads are game-related, whereas 21% of all Android downloads are said to be related to gaming apps, as well.

Figures have only increased over the years

Of course, there will have been a number of reasons that can help to highlight the surge in popularity that has been experienced in regards to mobile gaming, whilst it is rather clear that these figures will continue to grow in the future, as well.

Indeed, many will have been using these devices whilst they have been away from home, such as when they are commuting to and from work, whilst many have actually decided that these devices are handy to use compared to traditional platforms, such as computers and game consoles.

It could be argued that mobile gambling is the biggest trend at the moment within gaming, which is why the mobile device is being thought of as a reason why the gaming industry is being taken over. For instance, many have started to use online casino platforms such as Casino777 on their mobile as they know that they can enjoy the same gameplay experiences when using a portable gadget, rather than having to be sat on a computer or laptop like they would have had to in the past.

However, there are a number of other options that could explain why mobile devices are starting to overtake traditional PCs when it comes down to the gaming industry.

More Accessible

Naturally, technology has clearly played a vital role in helping to transform the entire mobile gaming industry as it has made things incredibly accessible for players as they are able to enjoy the same experiences on a handheld device.

Players are now able to enjoy their favourite games from wherever they wish as they are able to utilize the technology that is widely available from the web browsers that are on their devices or by downloading and using specifically built apps. This technology is known as HTML5 and provides a faultless experience when used.


The introduction of apps that are downloadable has changed the entire mobile industry and gaming has benefited greatly because of this. As highlighted above, a vast number of the downloads made by users in the past are games, thus highlighting just how much of an impact they have had.

These apps can be accessed anywhere and will allow players to enjoy a top experience when they have been opened up, whilst some of them can be used without the need for internet, which is a huge bonus when connectivity is limited or unattainable.


Moreover, gamers are afforded a variety of different games that they can choose to play when using a smartphone or tablet device, without having to physically look to load up a specific game like they would on a traditional games console or computer.

Mobiles have the ability to store and keep a range of games all in one place that can be enjoyed in an instant, thus keeping players entertained for long periods.


The mobile gaming industry is one that has experienced significant booms in popularity over the past decade, especially as technology has allowed for game titles to be downloaded onto devices such as smartphones and tablets. It would be easy to suggest that these gadgets could replace traditional computers in the future due to the factors outlined above.