Grinding Machine Tools

Grinders are another type of power tools that have been designed to be flexible and versatile. They can be adapted for many applications such as grinding metal surfaces. Grinding the welds to be smooth Use it as a sander. Polishing the surface of many materials, cutting metal, cutting wood, etc., with the need to change the cutting disc or grinding disc to suit the work to be done. There are many sizes arranged according to the diameter of the cutting disc, such as sizes Φ4”, Φ7”, Φ9” and larger. Depending on the size of the machine as well, for example, a Φ4” grinder will have a speed of 11,000 rpm to 12,000 rpm, etc., but the most widely used size is Φ4”. The equipment center, grinding machines, grinding wheels and various tools for welding work of all kinds. We have a team of highly experienced professionals to give advice and consultation to all customers.

grinding machine components

– The machine body is made of polymer material and is the part that must be handled to use.

– engine head or gear head made of metal inside, equipped with a gear system, which will reveal the axis spiral when switch on The threaded rod will be the secondary rod to support the ring.

– Spindle is responsible for holding the polishing pad. with a pad support ring and The locking ring on the other side of the sanding pad keeps the sanding pad tight. and the spindle will rotate at about 10,000 rpm when the switch is turned on.

– The switch is mounted on the side of the machine. Most of which are designed to be self-locking. when moved to the open position

– Protective cover (Guard) made of metal sheet. Installed to be able to prevent danger from each type of work.

– Spindle locking knot is a component that is required when changing sanding pads. By pressing the spindle lock button to prevent the spindle from rotating.

7 Safety Tips when using a grinding machine

Installation of sanding discs and grinding discs There are the following steps.

  1. Choose a sanding pad suitable for the job to be done. by having a spindle hole equal to the size of the threaded spindle
  2. Put on the protective cover and lock it firmly. placed at an angle of about 30 degrees
  3. Use your finger to press the spindle lock button. and try turning the threaded rod into the locked position.
  4. Put the washer on the threaded rod. by matching the notches
  5. Place the polishing pad with the side to be used facing up. and let the abrasive disc spindle hole be placed on the washer
  6. Put the locking ring on the threaded rod and tighten the locking ring with a spanner.

Safety in the use of grinders

  1. Check the machine, switches and electrical wires before every operation.
  2. Wear safety glasses and gloves while working.
  3. Make sure that the cutting blade bolts and protective cover are securely tightened.
  4. Use different types of cutting blades. to be suitable for the nature of work
  5. The machine must be held steady and an auxiliary handle should be used to help while operating.
  6. Should hold the workpiece firmly while using the polishing and grinding machine on the workpiece.


  1. Should check the electrical wires, sockets and switches. If any part is damaged, repair it quickly to make it in good condition and ready to use.
  2. Use electric tools that are suitable for the job. and not working too hard
  3. Apply lubricant to the pivot part or as recommended in the manual.
  4. After work, the machine should be cleaned every time. If there is a rusty part, use a cloth dampened with oil to prevent rusting.

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