Glitter and Glam: How to Use Different Types of Highlighters

If you’re one of those people who’s always striving to create a showstopping look when it comes to your makeup, then highlighters provide the perfect solution for you. But what exactly are they, and how do they work? We explain all in this expert guide.

Highlighters, arguably, are a crucial part of your makeup routine. They are a fantastic way to create a variety of looks, and can be used on your face, eyes, and lips to truly add an extra layer of vibrancy to your appearance. They contain brightening agents that draw attention to all areas of your face, making you look young and fresh. However, if you don’t know how to use highlighters correctly, then this could result in a cosmetic disaster, and ultimately detract from your overall appearance – and nobody wants that.

There are a few different types of highlighter; you can buy powder, cream, or a liquid highlighter. If you have aged or dry skin, then a cream highlighter is the choice for you. They give your skin an instant glow, as they quickly melt into your skin. In addition, powder highlighters are perfect for individuals just starting out on their makeup journey. Incredibly easy to apply, these highlighters come compressed in a powder form and are arguably the most essential tool in your makeup kit. These types of highlighters sit on top of your cheekbones, making them appear more pronounced, and drawing more attention to them. Liquid highlighters, on the other hand, require a level of skill if you want to use them effectively. But, when done right, they can really emphasise your features and make them pop.

Therefore, the first step in using highlighters is choosing which one is right for you. Remember, highlighters are the last step in makeup, and go beyond just enhancing your cheekbones. It’s important that you choose a shade that complements your skin type and tone, and you should use a fanned brush when it comes to powder highlighters, and a sponge for a liquid highlighter. In addition, you shouldn’t be using too much highlighter – keep it simple so that your makeup appears natural looking.

To add more dimension to your face, apply your highlighter to the centre of your forehead and near the temple region. And, since your nose bridge is the highest part on your face, you should make sure that you start by contouring your nose as it receives ample light. When highlighting this part of your face, you can give your nose a more youthful appearance, creating the effect that it is longer and narrower. In other words, you should focus on your nose if you want to get the most out of your highlighting tools.

There are a wide range of reasons as to why you may wish to add highlighters to your beauty routine. Whatever your reasoning may be, here at Iconic London US, we are one of the best places in which you can find the best range of highlighters and other beauty products.