GameSnacks | GameSnacks brings quick, casual games to any device

GameSnacks is an excellent app for gamers who love to play quick, addictive games. It offers hundreds of games from a variety of genres, including classics like Chess and retro racing games like Retro Drift. Users can play games on any platform, whether a tablet or smartphone. Most of the games load quickly and are easy to navigate, and some even offer touchscreen controls.

The app was created by two Google employees, Ani Mohan and Neel Rao, and is part of the Area 120 group at the company. This group has been working on a variety of experimental ideas and initiatives ranging from social networking to advertising and video. GameSnacks is a relatively new service, and is not yet available in other regions. However, the game development team is actively partnering with developers to expand its catalog.

GameSnacks is designed to help mobile users play HTML5 games faster. The web game load time is shortened by reducing the size of the HTML page and loading additional assets only when needed. This is particularly useful for those with slower connections. The app claims to load games in just a few seconds, and is compatible with many different phone and network configurations.

GameSnacks is currently available in beta for the Android Auto update. The app has eight mini-games available from the new “GameSnacks” menu. The games are fully functional and can be played just like they would be on a smartphone. For the most part, they are free, but the games require an active Internet connection.

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