Game-Changer File Format- PDF

Let us start the article by asking a question, “what does pdf stand for?”

The Portable Document Format or PDF is one of the most widely used file format used across the globe for its excellent features. PDFs have been around for about two decades now, and their popularity is nowhere around to be ceased. 

There are many file formats, like Word, PPTX, XLSX, etc., used today for various documentation purposes. But when we share a document, it is generally in PDF format. Have you ever asked yourself why this person sent me a PDF file and why not a DOCX file?

Come, let us explore why PDFs are so popular and extensively used by everyone.

1. Security

The password encryption feature of PDFs is one of the major reasons why it is used in various fields like medicine, legal, defense, and many more. A PDF can be password protected, and only an authorized person can have access to the password of that file. 

2. Portability

As the name already suggested, PDFs are highly portable file formats. By portability, we mean that PDFs can be easily shared across different platforms without worrying too much about any dependencies.

3. Compatibility

PDFs are compatible with various operating systems, browsers, and applications. All of them have the feature of opening and viewing PDFs without any hassle. Even after years of launch, PDF remains to be the default file format for many platforms.

4. Reliability

The reliability factor of PDF depends on the fact that the content of the file remains intact even after sharing across multiple platforms. Text, images, graphics, tables, and every part of the content are visible to you in an exact manner the way it was created. 

5. Compression Ability

Many files that contain images, graphics, and tabular data are huge. They take up much space in your system, and it takes time to transfer them. PDFs can be easily compressed and transferred quickly to anyone. 


Other noteworthy features of PDFs are their version independence and ease of use. PDFs can be easily edited, merged, or split using many online tools available, like PDFSimpli. These tools can help you perform various operations like how to rotate PDF and save it. These are the reasons why PDFs are still so popular and have proved to be a game-changer for handling documentation. The documentation-handling has become very easier with the PDF file format.