Facts About Explainer Videos for Businesses

Explainer videos for businesses help entrepreneurs explain their core message in under a minute. Animated explainer videos tell customers what the business offers and why they should care about the services it offers.

Business owners should create a simple and engaging explanation of their brand story, specific process, or unique selling point. Naturally, custom explainer videos are created from the ground up in collaboration with clients without the use of any gimmicky explainer video software or pre-made explainer video templates.

What is the Cut through Complex Topics with Animated Explainer Videos?

When entrepreneurs only have a few moments to capture a customer’s attention, getting their message across means everything. They shouldn’t leave that valuable task to words. A well-designed explainer video can get the message across in a matter of seconds.

Plus, it does it all in an entertaining and captivating way. The best explainer videos can transform a complicated message into a simple-to-understand story in less than 90 seconds. When it comes time to design the new video, animal explainer video providers have a proven Frustration-Free process that makes it easier than ever before!

Where Can an Entrepreneur Use Explainer Videos in a Company?

Any process that needs to be explained or shared can be done with an animated video. These explainer videos have both captive visuals and professional voice-over narration. Add in some amazing sound effects and the right background music, and it’s the perfect recipe for business owners to share their stories.

Most companies start with a brief animated overview explainer video that gives customers the big picture. This video can be used on their website, social media, and other high-visibility areas. That’s just the start of what they can do.

Company sales and marketing will soar with custom explainer videos that show how its product works. Or, if an entrepreneur offers services, demonstrate their expertise with a quick 60-second explainer video.

What are the Challenges an Entrepreneur May Encounter with Explainer Videos?

If an entrepreneur has a complicated solution or process to share, it often takes a lot of time to explain it. If they find themselves repeating the same answers over and over during a sales presentation, it might be time to talk with one of the producers of animated explainer videos.

Also, with a well-produced video, you can take that sales message or product demo and create a visually stunning animation. Plus, walking customers through their product with a story will help it stick in their minds longer. Nothing helps move their lead generation and marketing along more than having an online explainer video that does the selling for them. It’s a marketing asset they just can’t do without.

What are the Benefits of Adding Explainer Videos to a Brand?

An explainer video is useful just about anywhere. It’s been proven with data that having a short-animated video on a company’s website can increase the time visitors’ eyes are on the page. Studies have shown an increase of more than 80% in conversions when an entrepreneur incorporates animation into their landing pages.

When business owners need that “ah-ha!” moment that grabs the visitor and helps them understand what they offer, an animated video does that heavy lifting for them.

Why are Explainer Videos Excellent?

Numerous reasons justify why animated explainer videos have promised and delivered stellar results. In addition to offering coherent messages to potential or current clients, animated explainer videos can help a business in the following ways;

  • Animated explainer videos attract and display the core message of the entrepreneur perfectly
  • With clear and direct messages, animated explainer videos allow clients and audiences to make viable and informed decisions.
  • Animated explainer videos are an economical way to advertise a business. Animation that creates a stunning visual supports the message of the entrepreneur at lower costs.


A great explainer video is an emotionally powerful couple of minutes (typically in animated form). When done right, it creates a noticeable impact on a business mission and equips viewers with everything they need to make a decision. In today’s growth-focused atmosphere, there are few better places to start than with an explainer.

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