Essential Details for Finding an Accomplished Murder Attorney in Charlotte

Being charged with any criminal offense by a murder attorney in Charlotte is scary enough, but when you are accused of murder or voluntary manslaughter, you have reasons to worry about your life. If convicted of first-degree or felony murder in North Carolina, the consequences include life imprisonment or death. Regardless of whether you have committed the crime, you should consult a murder attorney in Charlotte at the earliest. You have the right to legal defense, and without an attorney, your chances are slim. In this post, we share more about finding a lawyer for such cases.

  • Make a list: Talk to people and check if they know any criminal attorneys in your city. Keep in mind that you need someone who has worked with clients charged with homicide. You can alternatively check the websites of legal associations or find listings on Google. Also, ensure the lawyer is board-certified.
  • Check ratings: Does the attorney have enough experience and expertise to defend you? While references are handy, your best bet is to check for reviews and testimonials posted by others. Ratings posted on third-party sites can be pretty handy.
  • Consider trial experience: Especially when it comes to murder charges, you should choose an attorney who has been to trials. Representing clients in court, especially in such complicated matters, can be challenging, and the lawyer’s body language, strategy, and approach can make a big difference.
  • Discuss the strategies: Once an attorney has essential information, they will start by probing the various strategies that they can consider for your defense. Common ones include the cases of mistaken identity, self-defense, and mental insanity. The lawyer should also explain all the legal ways to get the best outcome.
  • Ask about their fee: Murder attorneys in Charlotte usually work at an hourly price. Besides that, you will also have to pay a retainer fee. While lawyers charge huge fees for such cases, it is still better to choose someone with experience. Also, don’t assume that an attorney who charges the highest rate is the best in business.
  • Be careful of lying: If you wish to get good advice from your homicide lawyer, be honest with them. Even if you have committed the crime, the legal team should be aware of all the facts and details. If you have evidence that can help them develop the right plan for your case, share that, too.

Finally, trust your attorney for the case. They are interested in enhancing their profile and maintaining their reputation and will only do what’s best in your interest.