Ensuring Your Child’s Safety During Child Visitation: What are Your Options?

Do you fear the safety of your child in presence of your ex? If so, you should take immediate action to protect your child. There are many options you can explore to give your child some protection. You can click here to learn more about these options. First, you should consult with a child custody attorney who will listen to you and give you representation. If you have safety concerns regarding child visitation, here’s what you can do:

File a Petition for Sole Custody

You need to tell the court right away if you think your child is not safe in the presence of their other parent. A lawyer can help you in this process. You should have documentation of threats from this parent or events in which they harm your child, so the court can grant you sole custody of your child. A family judge may involve child or family protective services, social workers, and therapists who act as independent advocates for your kid during this process.

Seek Supervised Visitation

Under supervised visitation, an independent thirty party will closely supervise the time of your ex with the child. This party can be a child advocate, social worker, or psychologist. Typically, supervised visitation occurs at a particular location that the court will choose. The child advocate may record the visit, so the court can review it. As the court takes requests for supervised visitation seriously, any documentation you give regarding the possibility of your ex harming your kid will be considered. Also, a judge may request medical and mental health expert testimony. 

Request a Protective Order

For you to be granted a protective or restraint order, you need to provide the court with documentation of threats the non-custodial parent made against you or your kid. Such documentation can include social media screenshots, voicemail recordings, videos of threats or abusive behaviors, and screenshots of text messages. In addition, police records and medical records may help you get this order. Typically, a protective order has a limited time duration. Your lawyer can help you collect evidence, create documentation, and file this request. 

To ensure your child is safe whenever they visit their non-custodial parent, you must seek court orders and accurate and reliable legal advice from your attorney. An experienced family law attorney can provide you with legal counsel and representation, so your rights and your child’s rights are protected. Also, a knowledgeable attorney can give you support and guidance as well as answer your questions regarding child custody. 

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