Earnity Presents: What is Web3

Web 3 is an umbrella term for a new wave of internet technologies that promise to provide a more decentralized and user-controlled online experience. This includes technologies like blockchain, distributed ledgers, and peer-to-peer networking. While the full implications of Web 3 are still being explored, early implementations suggest that it could lead to a more equitable and open internet.

Web3 improves on the internet as we understand it today by adding a few new features. Its Demonstrable, Trustless, Self-Governing, Anonymous, Distributed and Resilient, Stateful, and Natively Built-in Payments are all characteristics of web3. Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa have worked together to create Earnity, a cryptocurrency platform that puts the user first.

The Foundation of Web3

Web3 developers seldom create and deploy apps that operate on a single server or store their information in a single database or a hybrid of the two. These apps in the Web3 environment are often called decentralized applications.

Web3 Protocols

When it comes to web3, you’ll hear about Bitcoin a lot. Many of the Web3 protocols rely heavily on cryptocurrencies. It offers a monetary incentive to anyone who wishes to help create, control, contribute to, or improve one of the projects itself.

These protocols may provide a range of that cloud providers formerly supplied. People can earn a living by taking part in the protocol in various ways, both technical and non-technical.

Money is sent directly to participants in the network in web3. With the emergence of Web3, a cryptocurrency investing startup, Earnity has a primary goal of creating a marketplace where crypto users can learn about, earn, acquire, and even give tokens and digital asset portfolios. Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa are trying to make the best use of Web3 through their Earnity platform.

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