Dog Bite Attacks in Louisville, Kentucky: What Compensation Victims May Be Entitled To

Dog bite attacks happen frequently and can result in severe medical emergencies, creating a substantial financial burden. However, victims can seek compensation for their damages. Determining a reasonable settlement amount involves using various factors. In Louisville, Kentucky, dog owners are responsible for the damages suffered by the person attacked by their dogs. Victims can maximize their settlement if they seek legal advice, so they should visit this page to find great attorneys for their cases. In general, victims can seek compensation for the following:

Medical Bills

Verifying a victim’s medical bills is done using statements from the treating doctor and hospital. If the victim is expected to incur medical expenses in the future, they can use testimony from their doctor to give a ballpark figure for such expenses. 

Lost Wages

These damages are determined based on the victim’s current earnings. Calculating lost wages is easier if the victim is paid hourly. Salaried employees can calculate the value of their lost wages by dividing their annual salary by 2, 080 to get an hourly rate. Separate documentation must be provided for special payments such as overtime, commissions, or fringe benefits that the victim gets. 

Pain and Suffering Damages

These damages include emotional and physical pain, disfigurement, scarring, and other kinds of trauma from the dog bite injuries suffered. Because trauma does not have a dollar value, calculating pain and suffering is often hard. Usually, insurance providers will reduce the pain and suffering value of the victim. 

There’s no specific method to calculate pain and suffering damages. The extent and nature of injuries sustained by victims differ. Also, cases vary based on which portion of the body the damage is located in and whether nerve injuries were sustained. A dog bite attorney can properly assess a victim’s case. 

Insurance Coverage

Not all dog bite injuries lead to compensation or proper compensation. In some instances, a victim could be attacked by a stray dog or a dog with an unknown owner. In this case, the only source of funds to pay for the victim’s damages is their own medical insurance. Also, some dog owners do not have insurance or money to pay for the victim’s damages. A reliable dog bite attorney will help the victim find all sources of funds that can be used to pay for their damages before they direct victims on the action to pursue. By hiring an attorney, dog bite victims can protect their right to monetary compensation.