Do You Get a Guarantee with a Used Car?

It depends – it’s a cliche answer that you’ll find in many blog posts on the internet…but this doesn’t mean we haven’t compiled lots of valuable information (so don’t click away just yet!). The seller by law doesn’t need to provide you with any type of warranty when buying a used vehicle. Yet, it’s worth looking for a guarantee to protect your investment.

Your state or territory will have specific laws, so this is always the first starting point…not knowing the local laws is just asking for trouble (don’t ask for trouble when trouble can find you so easily during this process anyway!). These can vary, but in general, there is an implied warranty of merchantability that applies to all consumer goods. What does this mean? A seller must provide you with a product that meets reasonable quality standards for the purpose it was intended.

Before making a purchase, ask about any warranty or return policy the seller may be offering. Many used car dealers offer some type of guarantee on their vehicles. For those buying from a private seller, look at what the seller (or the platform they’re using) is offering as a guarantee.

Have your mechanic perform a detailed inspection before agreeing to purchase. Above all else, this can help identify costly issues and give you peace of mind that the vehicle you are buying is roadworthy and reliable.

Why is a Guarantee Important?

Something can go wrong with your vehicle at any time – if you think yourself an unlucky person, you might change that to ‘something WILL go wrong’. A guarantee will provide you with protection against major repair costs that may arise shortly after extravagant purchase. Make sure to read the fine, small, sometimes tiny print and understand the terms of any warranty before agreeing to buy a used vehicle.

What would happen if, two hours after buying your gorgeous new car, it suddenly breaks down? Panic. To make matters worse, you pick up the phone to contact the seller and they laugh down the phone? Having a warranty in place means that you will have coverage for certain repairs.

Why Everyone Should Buy From a Trusted Dealer

We recommend buying from a trusted used car dealer, such as Cars4Us in Bundaberg, whenever possible because you’re more likely to get a guarantee and other protection. Reputable dealers have their own warranties and return policies (thank goodness!) – you aren’t left guessing because the dealer will explain everything. Also, these dealers are more likely to have accurate information about the car’s history and condition, something that private sellers answer with a confused look.

Even before we consider guarantees, dealers tend to only sell cars that have been thoroughly inspected and maintained. Ultimately, this means that they should be able to provide you with essential information about your car’s history, such as its accident history or any other major repairs it may have undergone.

Trust and transparency – the two essential tenets of buying vehicles from anywhere. Long story short, stick with a reputable seller for the safest experience, and remember to ask about any warranties or return policies that may be associated with your purchase.