Different Impacts of Sexual Assault On Victims

Sexual assault can consequently affect the psychological and physical well-being of the victim, which can lead to emotional reactions affecting not only the victims but also their close relationships and communities. Each victim of sexual assault might be involved differently than the others; they may experience different emotional and physical reactions, which might reflect in their behavior while their bodies and mind are processing the incident.

The most crucial aspect to consider is that every victim might react to this hurtful incident differently depending upon the history of their respective life. The trauma of the assault and the negative emotions developed can be distinct in every survivor. However, you must learn about your rights and contact Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys immediately.

  • Emotional reactions.

Victims might feel ashamed of themselves due to negative emotions developed from assault. They might feel embarrassed to open up about the incident to their close relatives due to fear and distrust of recognition odisha discom

The survivors of assault often find it challenging to confront the person who assaulted them, which isolates them, thinking others won’t trust them, confusing their minds. 

Victims often feel guilty about the assault they went through, which might make them lose control and burst into anger. The trauma of this hurtful experience might make the victim feel physically or emotionally vulnerable to every 

other situations in their life.

  • Physical reactions.

The physical ailments due to the assault can impact other physical aspects of the victim or survivor. They may experience a drastic change in their sleeping and develop insomnia due to the trauma, which can affect their circadian rhythm. 

The incident might also affect the victim’s eating pattern, causing them to overeat or lose their appetite. There is a possibility that the victim might respond to their surroundings and people around them in a sudden and frightened manner due to reflexive concerns about safety.

  • Psychological reactions.

Most of the victims of sexual assault experience depression and post-traumatic stress disorders due to the flashbacks of the incidents and also might experience nightmares, causing them to feel anxious about their surroundings. Survivors of assault often find it difficult to concentrate on their careers which results in low self-esteem, and there is a danger of them subjecting themselves to substance abuse. 

The victims or survivors of sexual assault, most of the time, experience a deep sense of fear or might develop a phobia of specific situations or objects relating to the incident.

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