Difference between metal and ceramic braces

Dental braces are fantastic for correcting the alignment of teeth and or changing the shape of your smile, but there are many different types available. What Are Braces Made Of? Metal braces are made of brackets with wires that are tightened to the teeth with elastic ties; so they can come in all sorts of colorful, cool designs. They work by applying pressure to push your teeth in a different direction.

Ceramic braces work more like natural teeth and they’re fitted over the top, without the need for elastic ties. They’re sometimes available in tooth-colored designs. Furthermore, there are metal and ceramic types of braces, each with its own specific pros and cons. Which are the best braces for you? Metal or ceramic?

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How much is Invisalign? The costs vary between braces. Ultimately, the types of braces that you would need to properly align your teeth will determine the cost of your brace. Metal braces are available at most dental offices and come in both clear and tooth-colored brackets. The cost of metal braces is made up of a fee for the orthodontist and an additional fee for the lab. The lab fee is more with ceramic braces because they are more customized to each patient’s teeth. They can also be quite costly, depending on your specific situation.

Furthermore, there are other costs that might not be included in the initial fees. For instance, if you need more advanced treatment like getting your braces tightened more often it will cost you extra money. Braces tend to be expensive, but they’re an investment; they are investments that can definitely be worth it.


Metal braces are made of metal and can be damaged when they come in contact with other metal or hard objects. They also may not be completely safe if you play sports including contact sports. Ceramic braces are very durable, so they don’t need to be removed by a dentist before playing sports or using power tools. However, the wires (which must still be checked regularly) can break with hard impact. In addition, they are not recommended for power tools because they’re less durable. With both types of braces, you must be aware of the way you chew and eat to avoid any damage.


Both metal and ceramic braces are set on the front of your teeth, so they can be seen when you smile or talk. When metal braces are placed on top of your teeth, they sit behind your lips making them less visible. Nevertheless, neither type of braces can be removed and forgotten. They may be more visible with metal braces, but they are less noticeable with ceramic braces.

Metal braces are polished, making the brackets smoother against your teeth and making it easier for food to stick to them. On the other hand, ceramic braces have rougher edges which prevent food from sticking to them; however, they might require some gum care products and additional brushing. Metal braces are adjustable, so you can make sure they fit your teeth better. Ceramic braces do not need to be adjusted like metal braces might require.


Ceramic braces are available in tooth-colored brackets and may be an option for people who don’t want their mouths to stand out. However, there are no metal brackets for ceramic braces. Metal brackets are available in both clear and tooth-colored options. Depending on your specific preference, both types of braces can be made to blend in or stand out. Moreover, metal braces are available in many unique colors and designs. The colors, however, can only be seen if you get clear brackets. In addition, metal braces have clear clips, which means they can be seen up close.


How much is Invisalign? Costs can be high, but braces are worth it in the end. It may take a bit longer for ceramic braces to be firmly set than for metal braces. Ultimately, your orthodontist will help you choose between ceramic and metal depending on the severity of your case and other factors that only your dentist could know about.

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However, metal braces can be made to match your brace’s color, so if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like things that draw attention to you, then metal might be better for you. There are pros and cons to all types of braces. You may not consider them as pros and cons but rather as different options that best fit your situation.

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