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The Coldewey TechCrunch is a Germany-based conference dedicated to discussing a wide range of technology related topics. With a focus on security and privacy, the event brings together some of the most influential and innovative minds in technology to share their views on all things related to cybersecurity. This year’s attendees have a wide range of expertise, from developers to experts in cyber security, privacy, and forensics.


OroraTech is a German company that focuses on creating truth for a net-zero economy. The company’s mission is to protect the environment by providing real-time data on fires and other natural disasters worldwide. It also offers a suite of wildfire monitoring services to global clients, including government agencies, commercial forestry operators, insurance companies and data analytics companies.

OroraTech has developed a global nanosatellite network to help counteract the devastating effects of forest fires. It uses sensor data from existing satellites and third-party sources to provide accurate, timely information on fires. The company’s satellites have dedicated remote-sensing capabilities and can identify fires in near real-time. They plan to expand their fleet to over 100 satellites by 2026.

OroraTech is the first commercial space-based thermal-infrared data intelligence company. Their Wildfire Intelligence Solution is used by clients across six continents. And, they’re expanding their service offerings to include climate solutions.

OroraTech is financed by private investors, as well as by the European Space Agency and the European Commission. OroraTech’s Series A round was led by Edaphon, a Belgian climate impact fund, and Findus Ventures.


Lengoo is a German tech startup. Their flagship product is a pair of smart glasses that use artificial intelligence to help you keep track of your surroundings. It’s a nifty device that has caught on in the medical and consumer technology space.

The company has also received a significant amount of funding. In fact, their last round was the largest of any German tech company to date. In a recent blog post, CEO Oliver Geissler revealed that the company has raised a total of $20 million to date. This money will help the company improve its existing products, as well as build out its infrastructure to serve the wider world. They’ll also take the opportunity to expand into North American markets.

As for the company, their product offerings include a smart phone, a printer, and a series of fashionable watches. Several European countries have already tested their product, but they are looking for investors who can help them commercialize their new line of products.

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With a little help from your favorite VPN provider, you can stream videos in style. For a limited time, the company will even offer you a free subscription. But beware, there are other services out there. You may have to do a little homework to find the best one.

OnionPlay is one of the more popular streaming applications available. The app allows users to browse thousands of movies and TV shows. Unlike its competitors, it has a full-featured mobile version that can be viewed on the go. If you are a movie buff, this is a good way to see what’s new in the theaters without paying a premium. However, you might encounter some hiccups when it comes to downloading HD content.

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OnionPlay is a great free movie streaming site. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows. The user interface is easy to navigate and the videos are crisp and clear. However, if you want to watch HD content, you might be disappointed.

To find the best OnionPlay alternatives, you need to take into consideration the quality of the website’s video streaming and the cost of its services. A good alternative for OnionPlay would be Popcornflix. This site hosts classic films, independent productions and new smash hits.

Vudu is also a great option. This site offers hundreds of HD movies and television shows. Its library is always updated and it has a free subscription. Unlike OnionPlay, Vudu does not require registration.