Creative Fall Gifts To Bring To Your Next Baby Shower

When you have a friend or family member expecting a new child, you want to find the perfect gift. There’s no shortage of gift ideas: clothing, toys, blankets, books, swaddles, car seats, night lights, baby monitors and the list goes on. If you want to fill a niche and give something unique, keep reading for some great health and wellness gift recommendations.

Health & Wellness Baby Gift Ideas

Babies are adorable and captivating. They also require a lot of care, especially during their first few months of life. New parents will certainly appreciate a health and wellness bundle packed with organic remedies to keep their little ones healthier and happier. Some great options come from Wellements, an Arizona-based company creating certified organic, preservative-free impactful products to support baby and toddler wellness.

Popular baby girl bundles include Wellements’ Newborn Bundle, a collection of essentials perfect for solving common health challenges with babies. This set includes Wellements All-Purpose Balm for soothing flaky, chapped and chafed skin, plus Organic Chest and Foot Rub with soothing lavender to calm anxious, irritable babies. In truth, this bundle is great for any baby and is packed with even more cool stuff:

  • Organic Gripe Water in both day and night versions to soothe stomach upset, hiccups and gas associated with colic
  • Organic Tooth Oil with clove bud and spearmint leaf oils to combat teething pain
  • Organic Vitamin D Drops to promote healthy bone development

Putting Together a Baby Bundle Gift

Searching for more gift ideas? You can use a hospital bag list for mom and baby for inspiration. After all, there’s no time to rummage through the hall closet for socks or a cellphone charger when it’s go time. Depending on who’s in your social circle, you could team up with a few friends and put together a comprehensive bag choc full of essential items: a toiletries bag, snacks, magazines, coloring books, compact travel-friendly games and some cozy, loose-fitting clothes.

While you’re shopping the hospital bag list, don’t forget to include some items for the new baby. Excellent choices include Wellements’ Organic Vitamin D Drops, helpful for those planning to breastfeed their babies. Wellements’ All-Purpose Balm is another winner, packed with skin-nourishing ingredients — shea butter, beeswax and cranberry seed oil, to name a few. Like other Wellements products, the All-Purpose Balm contains organic ingredients and is free from artificial colors, gluten and parabens.

Gift Registry Ideas

If you’re the new parents-to-be, you may be stuck for gift registry ideas. After you’ve added all the basics for your nursery, why not add some health and wellness items for your baby? Wellements must haves for baby registry include several of its signature products — Organic Gripe Water, Organic Baby Tooth Oil and Organic Vitamin D Drops, along with immune support and cough remedies. Even better, you can find these at major retailers like Target with online and in-store registry services.

Nothing delights new parents quite like thoughtfully chosen gifts for them and their newborns. Wellements organic products offer plenty of possibilities to help their little ones stay healthy.

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