Corrective Contouring on Different Nose Shapes

Most women don’t have such good luck as a deviated nasal septum, childhood injury or simply genetics have left them with noses that are either too big, too long, crooked or too small for their face. For such women, corrective contouring helps the most as it creates the illusion of a well-defined and contoured nose. It is quick and easy to do, so there is no need to go spend big money on surgical procedures.

Generally speaking, physiologists who study the body believe there are 13 to 14 different nose shapes. For the sake of simplicity and corrective contouring, makeup experts have narrowed them down to 7 common nose shapes:

Corrective work for nose shapes

While there is no special makeup needed or created for contouring noses, it is the technique and method that you apply your makeup with that can make or break your attempt at nose contouring. To begin with, you need to arm yourself with some good quality foundation or dark powder/bronzer, highlighter and a concealer that match your skin undertone well.

Large prominent nose

Should you suffer from a large prominent nose and want it to appear smaller in size, then the best way to achieve this is by applying a slightly darker shade of your foundation/powder on the bridge of your nose and blend it with your usual face foundation.


The darker color shall dim the largeness of your nose whilst the surrounding area of your nose is highlighted. Remember to blend both the foundation and powder, in smooth and soft brush strokes or in feather movements with your index figure.

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