Common causes of backache

Backache is a problem that everyone can relate to. It does not matter what your age is, this pesky problem affects everyone. Not only does it cause pain but there is a lot of discomfort involved as well. Since our back is crucial to our mobility, backache can lead to entire routine being thrown off.

Suffice to say, backache and its impact cannot be minimized. However, for to treat backache, it is first important to understand the underlying cause. Without addressing it, you cannot expect to heal completely.

Knowing the potential causes of backache can also help you prevent one to begin with. However, if you do get one, it is important that you consult your doctor as well as your Physiotherapist in Lahore.

Common causes of backache

Herniated discs

Discs are the shock absorbs in the spine. When they bulge, they can then push against the nerve, leading to pain then. Older people are at a greater risk of herniated discs. Similarly, an injury can also lead to heighted risk of the condition.


Any injury to the back can also lead to back pain. The pain may also not result from the injury to the spine, but from the spasm to the adjacent muscle.

Moreover, injury does not always have to be in the aftermath of an accident. Every day innocuous things like picking something can also cause injury and consequent pain.

Furthermore, injuries can also be a result of repeated wrong motion; it then percolates over time, leading to the pain that leads to a lot of discomfort.


High inflammation can also cause back pain. There can be heat alongside the pain in such situations. Moreover, pain associated with inflammation can cause soreness in the back as well.


Fibromyalgia is considered to be rooted in nervous system. Alongside causing pain and muscular weakness, fibromyalgia can also lead to backache as well.

However, you need to visit the doctor to first get an assessment and diagnosis of the condition.

Lifestyle choices

Some lifestyle choices can also put you at risk for backache. Smoking is one such problem. It not only can cause you spinal discomfort but jeopardizes your life as well.

Moreover, people who are obese are also at risk for backache. While obesity itself is a disease, but its causes can be rooted in poor lifestyle choices.

Similarly, people who lead an inactive life have a greater chance of developing back problems and pain than those who are active. Essentially, regular exercise, especially the one that focuses on making your core stronger, helps in strengthening your back muscles so your spine has a better support.

Muscular spasm

The debilitating pain in the back can also be caused by a spasm in the muscle. It often results due to lifting heavy objects, sleeping in a poor posture or sudden strain to the back.


Osteoporosis occurs when there is great loss in the bone density, that then makes them weak. They not only causes bones to hurt, but increases the risk for fractures as well.

Backaches can also then be related to osteoporosis.  Older people and menopausal women are especially at a risk for osteoporosis.

Spinal arthritis

Arthritis is a condition in which joints become painful. When it occurs in the spinal joints, it is known as spinal arthritis. Usually, spinal arthritis is a result of age-related degeneration. It can especially cause lower back pain.


Since your bones are not immune to the temperature, therefore, it is very likely that your back will hurt when it is cold. Similarly, pressure can also affect back ache. However, weather will not cause everyone’s joints to ache; it is generally attributed to some other factor as well.

Getting help

Barring few exceptions, most backaches can be improved by making the correct lifestyle changes. It helps to do regular exercise, investing in the right mattress, ensuring your posture is right, and regularly keeping up with the visits to your Physiotherapist in Rawalpindi.

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