Choosing the right Airbnb cleaning service in Maryland: Tips for beginners

Maryland is a popular tourist destination, and Airbnb seems to be a popular choice for travelers. Airbnb has become increasingly popular in Maryland, especially in popular cities such as Baltimore, Annapolis, and Ocean City. Many tourists prefer Airbnb accommodations for their flexibility and affordability compared to traditional hotels. According to a report published by Inside Airbnb in September 2021, there were 10,693 Airbnb listings in Maryland, with Airbnb hosts in Maryland generating significant income from their listings.

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Online platforms like TaskRabbit, Handy, and HomeAdvisor allow you to browse through various cleaning services and read reviews from past customers. Better yet, you can contact local cleaning companies in Maryland and ask if they offer Airbnb cleaning services. Many cleaning companies offer specialized cleaning services for short-term rentals like Airbnb. If you’re looking for local cleaning services in Maryland, we have compiled some tips below.

First, be sure to ask Airbnb housecleaners for references. Working with Airbnb cleaners is a bit different than just hiring someone off the street — Airbnb cleaners have to handle a lot of additional considerations, such as making sure all furniture and linens are in order and that any special cleaning requests guests may have are handled. So when you’re choosing Airbnb cleaning service in Maryland, make sure to ask for references from previous clients and make sure they have the capacity to handle your Airbnb cleaning needs.

Next, be sure to look for Airbnb cleaners who offer a flat rate for their services. With Airbnb rentals, it can be hard to know in advance exactly how much cleaning will be required, so look for Airbnb cleaners who have a flat rate that covers all the contingencies. That way, you won’t get hit with a surprise bill at the end of your Airbnb rental period.

Third, make sure you find Airbnb cleaners who use eco-friendly cleaning products, as this will be a huge selling point to your Airbnb guests. Not only is it better for the environment, but Airbnb guests also appreciate knowing that their Airbnb home wasn’t cleaned with harsh and potentially harmful chemicals.

Fourth, look for Airbnb cleaners who are experienced in dealing with Airbnb guest check-outs. This is when Airbnb guests leave the Airbnb property in a state that requires more than just a general tidy-up. Airbnb’s can get dirty quickly, and Airbnb cleaning services should be prepared for this eventuality.

Fifth, consider Airbnb cleaners who offer after-hours check-ins. When Airbnb guests arrive after normal business hours, Airbnb cleaning services can provide a service that ensures Airbnb’s are freshly cleaned and ready for guests. This added convenience helps Airbnb hosts make the most of their Airbnb properties and leaves Airbnb guests feeling welcomed upon arrival.

Finally, remember to be reasonable with your expectations when it comes to Airbnb cleaners. While Airbnb cleaning services should be thorough and complete, Airbnb’s should not expect Airbnb cleaners to work miracles. Any Airbnb host who wants a reliable Airbnb cleaning service needs to factor in some degree of “time” when they hire an Airbnb cleaner – meaning the Airbnb housecleaner will need enough time to do a tishare good job.

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