Child Custody and Support in Gig Harbor: The Right Lawyer Helps You Reach Beneficial Resolutions 

The agreements related to the welfare of children following divorce determine the specific responsibilities of every parent. In child custody and support cases, there are major issues that need to be resolved. These include who takes custody of the children and who pays child support. One parent can be the children’s caretaker with whom they live and the other pays support for the children. Or both parents can decide to share the responsibility. If both parents cannot agree on such situations, a gig harbor child support attorney can help them resolve their issues. With the help of an attorney, a parent’s rights are protected.

Kinds of Custody

If you are a parent fighting for custody of your children, it can help to know the various kinds of custody to understand child custody itself. The following are the kinds of custody:

  • Legal custody. If you get custody of your children, you will make important decisions for them including those related to their education, health, and religion. In this case, the other parent will pay child support, the amount of which depends on the determination made by a family judge. The majority of judges will want to allow both to make these decisions, so they may favor joint legal custody. But even in this arrangement, one of you can still be the children’s main caregiver and make the majority of decisions regarding your children. Your ex will take part in making such decisions. But sometimes, judges can order joint custody while one parent serves as the tiebreaker when a disagreement arises. 

If you and your ex do not agree on these matters, a judge will provide one of you with sole legal custody. If you do not agree on such matters, ongoing conflicts will make everyone’s life miserable.

  • Physical custody. This kind of custody can be given to you or your spouse. You both should understand the impact of a custody order on your lives. For example, if you are granted sole custody, you may be able to relocate with the children. If the noncustodial parent does not agree to the move, they can go to court and prove the move would harm the children.

A Good Lawyer Prioritizes the Interest of Your Children 

As you work towards the most beneficial child custody and support agreement, a dependable attorney will prioritize your interest and your children’s. They can provide you with expert counsel, so you can understand how you can best settle on a solution that can benefit everyone in your family. They can fight for you and look out for your kids. 

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