Career Counselling for Students/Professionals

Career counselling for students is a necessary concept these days because students who have a great potential but still as they are fresher to this new world of careers, are unable to make correct decisions according to their talent and potential and make mistakes by choosing the wrong path and harming their own career. Here comes the role of someone who has accurate knowledge and experience enough to guide and suggest the correct path for the career who is called Career Counsellor. Career counselling is a complex process where a direct interaction between counsellor and student should happen and the career counsellor who should be an expert in his field & should have all the skill set, efficiency, knowledge and information regarding the courses student should enrol in or new prospects and job openings. the counsellor should be able to communicate effectively with the person seeking counselling.

Career counselling is the process of helping individuals make right decisions regarding their educational or professional choices, which can give a boost to the career of professional condition. Career counselling inspires a defeated mind to jump from the quagmire of desperation to the path of correct understanding of taking straight forward profitable decisions regarding profession and career. Career counselling is a process which helps individuals in knowing and understanding themselves through career assessment tests or psychometric tests. This process includes acting as a guide, leading and setting up a course of action.

Now it is necessary to understand where and how career counselling properly and where it is needed. Let’s have a look at it.

Students of 10th standard or high school who just have come out of their zone and have absolutely no idea what is wrong and what is right, they have no idea about what stream they should pursue further for their higher education. Having professional counselling from an experienced and qualified person secures a student’s career and makes him take efficient career choices and decisions.

Same thing happens with students of 12th standard or intermediate. This is a time when students feel under grave pressure because after 12th, they have to make the correct decision which decides their whole further future and 90% students according to a survey have no idea what courses or career line they should choose. So here they can take help of a career counsellor whose guidance full of expertise and skills set will give him or her a lifetime correct suggestion.

A survey stated that most of the employees are not satisfied with their jobs and are also not in state to leave the job, so why are they continuing? It’s because they opted for the wrong career path in their initial career days and there was nobody to guide them at that time. With proper career counselling students graduated from college and professionals get an idea to choose a career fit for their potential, talent and interests which will help to grow financially and personality wise also.

As competition is growing in the market, companies are also seeking for multi-tasking employees who have no confusion regarding their skill set. Instead, they should always be ready to take action towards the tasks they are provided. Ample number of courses and career opportunities are always available, what is needed is an experienced eye which can match the correct employee to correct talent and skill set. For example, a professional tutor is confused about what he should do to raise the level of his teaching. Then counsellor suggests that he use the best app to teach online. If the tutor uses the best app to teach online and starts from taking live class then in his live class students will be able to interact and get his study material in an innovative way and will enjoy it too.

It is very necessary that one should measure his own talent graph and choose a career accordingly which will set his or her future. Even in professional life career counselling is needed because life gives another chance to everyone once and that is out of age limit factor and even then, also one needs perfect guidance to take correct decisions to decorate his future with a fresh start. Identification of all these areas would lead to one’s professional development.