Car crash in Bellevue: Essential details worth knowing

You could get involved in a traffic accident when you expect the least. Unfortunately, mishaps are common on Bellevue roads and often lead to terrible outcomes. Washington is a tort or fault-based state, and a driver who causes an accident is also liable for losses suffered by others. If you want to hold negligent parties accountable for an accident, you must be proactive and should be aware of the state laws. We have enlisted a few details that are worth your attention.

Washington’s pure comparative fault norm

In many states, you can only sue another driver when your fault percentage is lower than theirs. Fortunately, that’s not the case in Washington. The state has the “pure comparative fault” rule, which means you can sue the other party regardless of your share in the catalytic converter scrap price. However, your compensation, if you win, will be adjusted accordingly. For instance – If you win $10,000 in a settlement but are also 30% at fault, you will only recover $7,000.

Filing car accident lawsuits within the deadline

States have varying laws that determine the deadline for car accident lawsuits. In Washington, you have three years to sue the other driver through a civil lawsuit. The clock for such cases starts from the mishap date, and you have the same time to file a case for property damages.

Getting an attorney for FREE

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to pay an hourly price or a retainer charge to get an injury lawyer. When it comes to car accident lawsuits, the standard contingency fee is applicable, and you only pay the lawyer’s share of your compensation, only if you win. Also, the top law firms in the state will not ask for a payment when you go for a case assessment. You can get FREE advice on how to proceed further.

Focus on the basics

Don’t run away from the crash site; inform the local police and get medical care. You should follow these simple aspects after the car accident to avoid unwanted complications. While you have time to file an insurance claim, you should inform the respective carriers within a short time. When you engage an attorney, talk to them about these details and share the info you have, including the police report. If you have taken pictures of your vehicle or other things at the accident scene, let the lawyer know.

Call a lawyer to learn more about car accident lawsuits.