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With each passing year, more people are finding out that buying property for sale in Turkey is a profitable investment not only for beginners but also for seasoned investors. Despite the global economic changes due to the Pandemic in 2020 and the continuing tendency, it is still much more worthwhile to make investments in commercial and real estate abroad, particularly in Turkey, than to deposit money in savings accounts.

Certainly, buying any real estate in Antalya, such as an apartment, a house or a villa, will be a long term investment process, that will not bring you a fast income as it would be if you were trading on the foreign exchange or investing in stock markets. Moreover, before investing your savings in foreign property, you will need to figure out where to make the investment and how to do it wisely. This is difficult for new investors without expert advice and assistance.

Then let’s try to understand together with our real estate experts at Tolerance Homes why investing in a property for sale in Turkey is the best investment.

In the present circumstances to ” hold ” money on deposits due to a situation of constant inflation is not economically viable, and considering the world situation in 2022, we strongly recommend not to do so. Money makes money, simply as the old saying goes.  There is a much more advantageous effect of money if you invest it wisely in the purchase of property abroad.

But how can you make money from buying both residential and business properties, and what are the best benefits of investing in real estate in Turkey?

To begin with, it is a high level of reliability. Well, it’s all about the security that real estate can’t fully devalue as it does when you buy a stock or a business. Typically, if you choose the right place to make an investment, the value of the property will go up or hold steady. Although the valuation will go down, the difference will be quite insignificant and, in the long term, the value of a liquid property will continue to grow. One more important aspect – is expert handling of the sale, checking legal compliance of the documents, which is guaranteed only by qualified attorneys and real estate agency professionals.

Another thing is complexity. Among various forms of capital investment, the property is a true asset, which can be observed and can be used for your own purposes. For instance, you can move into your own apartment or villa and live there constantly or  visiting and living here for holidays, or you can start your own business on your property for commercial needs.

Finally, passive income from the real estate abroad. If you are planning to buy a property in Turkey, for example, you can get passive income in two ways: renting or re-selling the property for buying it for less money than to sale. We can for sure name these two options as a good making of money even though the restrictions of COVID19 or any global economic situation. The main key is to take professional assistance in choosing the right place and the type of property for investment.

For many European real estate investors, property in Turkey is a top choice for investment.

How does buying a property in Turkey work? Beyond the possibility of enjoying life and holidays in a paradise place on the Earth, the investors also get:

Simplicity, prompt and clear deal registration of the sale and sale deal. Within a few days, getting the support and our guidance of our real estate agency Tolerance Homes, you will become the owner of your dream home  without any risk and with the guaranteed price on the deal.

The property market has a wide selection of various categories of property, starting from the affordable to the luxurious ones. Typically, clients from abroad prefer to buy flats and villas in popular seaside resorts like Alanya, Antalya, Mersin, Bodrum, and others.

Turkey is experiencing steady growth and an ever-increasing economy with considerable capital investment in all sectors, particularly in tourism, which has an effect on the continuing growth of property prices.

Turkey at the moment of the middle of 2022 has an attractive environment for investments, and the Turkish national government is extremely tolerant towards any foreign input into the Turkish economy. Legal proceedings are being simplified, with no need to prove the source of your earnings, and the option to buy property in instalments or with a mortgage.

Most part of property developers releases their residential complexes on time, if not before the specified date, which leads to an additional demand for flats by foreigners.

However, the real estate market has a number of advantages: the opportunity to apply for a residence permit when buying property in Turkey, and, under the appropriate circumstances, the possibility of getting Turkish citizenship.

For those who plan to invest in buying property in Turkey for the purpose of earning an income, there are some exciting options available in Turkey:

  • Buying luxury properties such as penthouses, villas by the sea and spacious townhouses with private plots and swimming pools. Luxury properties are always at a high price, so you can profitably manage to sell or rent them out.
  • Apartments in new buildings. Developers in Turkey are using good quality construction and finishing materials. If you invest in a property in Turkey at the early stages of construction, you can save up to 20-30% of the price of the finished property and make a good income on the re-sale.
  • Sales in the secondary market. Most of the Turkish “secondary” properties at the most popular resorts such as Antalya, Alanya, Mersin, Bodrum, Marmaris and etc.- are the new residential real estate stock, and if you properly selected it or use professional advice how to do it in the best way, you can always re-sold profitably the property for sale in Turkey and make a return of your investment up to 40% as well.
  • Business premises. Competent handling of the selection of premises gives a great opportunity for the owner of such property to make a rental profit in the future, or to try to make your own business as in Turkey, you have all the necessary tools to start a business, arrange your paperwork personally and have a hassle-free relationship with the tax authorities.

Property rental in Turkey is a smart move to save your money and make a regular income. Please note that, unlike in other countries, in Turkey, short term rentals for individuals are not available, however, there is an option to buy a property through a real estate agency on the basis of long term rentals. Our Tolerance Homes real estate agency experts are able not only to assist you in choosing the right property, estimate a rental income, and handle all your tenancy requirements.

So what about investing in buying a plot of land in Turkey in 2022? By becoming a landowner in Turkey, you can invest in the construction of a hotel or apartment complex on it, for example, which can be very profitable in the subsequent construction of such an object in the future.

Summarizing our recommendations from the leading experts of the Tolerance Homes real estate agency, it is worth pointing out that investing in property abroad, in particular in the incredible Republic of Turkey, is a great way to maintain and multiply your capital. The most important is the right approach to the choice of the location and the features of the property for investment, and the support of experienced professionals of a licensed real estate agency Tolerance Homes.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact our real estate experts, who are happy to assist you with any additional information you may need. Contact us!

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