Bookmark These Tools To Make Your Life Easy

It has become impossible to imagine our lives without the internet. The first thing in the morning we do is to check our emails and social media for any updates. Only if you become a saint or monk can you have the will to exclude the internet from your life. 

We use the internet extensively to perform the smallest of tasks, like Google the meaning of words, check a recipe, check how to rotate PDF and save it, and many more. However, we sometimes struggle to find the right resources to make our jobs easier. 

This article will help you with some fantastic tools you can bookmark and can be helpful in your daily life. 

  • PDFSimpli

You cannot skip the amount of online documentation that is available today. PDFSimpli is one of the best tools available to handle PDF files online that allows you to perform various operations on PDFs. It will enable you to resize, edit, split or merge PDFs. You can even convert any file to PDF and save as PDF

  • Windy

If you live in a place where the weather is highly unpredictable, then this is the website for you. But what makes it different from the typical weather app on your phone? Windy is an excellent free map website that shows you the wind patterns, cloud formations, and live weather in your area or any part of the world. You can access a real-time look at the weather anywhere in the world.

  • camelcamelcamel

Alert! Online shoppers! camelcamelcamel is the Amazon price tracker that can help you track the price of your favorite products on Amazon. It will notify you about every price drop (also highs), using which you can decide when you want to buy the product.

  • Adobe Scan

A handy scanner on your phone is always a good idea. Adobe Scan by Adobe is one such tool that can be used to scan your documents quickly. It has incredible features like rotation, filters, cropping, and many more. You can save the file as PDF or JPEG and share it afterward.

  • Pixlr

Everyone likes to upload pictures on social media platforms. This application will help you edit your images perfectly. This cloud-based photo-editing tool has many features that will keep you hooked on to it and experiment with your pictures.


Bookmark these tools that can come in very handy in your daily lives. 

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