8 Ways to Keep Party Guests Cool in Summer

8 Ways to Keep Party Guests Cool in Summer

Outdoor entertaining is popular in Australia’s hot summer season, however the heat and sun can sometimes be a little uncomfortable for guests. This year try our top 8 tips to ensure your guests can enjoy your outdoor entertainment and stay cool!

1. Create Shade

Ensuring there is enough shade for your guests is vital. If shade is not one of the main features of your outdoor entertaining areas, you may need to add some depending on how many guests you have attending. This can be done by using umbrellas, awnings for patios, hiring gazebos or inflatable tents.

2. Water Slides

If you want to create some fun and entertainment, whilst keeping cool, you should consider water slide hire. You can hire one which is suitable for all ages, thus allowing everyone to slide and splash their way through the summer.

3. Keep your Guests Hydrated

Ensure there are plenty of beverages available and encourage guests to drink water by making it easily accessible to them. Setting up drink stations in the shaded spaces you have created, will naturally encourage guests to keep hydrated and cool throughout your party.

4. Party into the Night

One easy way to make sure your guests stay cool during your summer party is to start later in the day rather than at peak heat during lunch time. If you are concerned about your party going too late into the night because children are attending, start it early in the evening so the temperature has time to drop.

5. Misters and Fans

Misters and fans are an affordable option to add to your event which will keep all your guests cool. These can be stored when not in use and moved around your yard or entertaining spaces as needed.

6. Bouncy Castles

If there are kids at the party, consider a jumping castle hire or an inflatable. These can be set up in a shaded area and will keep them entertained for the whole event. It’s important to set them up in the shade so children can enjoy the bouncy castles throughout the whole day.

7. Pool Party

There’s no better way to keep guests cool than a party by the pool. Whether you have one in your backyard or have a blow up pool, guests of all ages should be able to hop in and join the fun whilst keeping cool.

8. Hire a Snow Cone

Hire custom designed carts which are readily available to hire and suit any event. Your guests can make their very own snow cone with their choice of flavours for the perfect instant chill on a hot summer day.