Bike Accidents FAQs 

Although many cities have taken steps to make biking safer, accidents involving bikers still happen occasionally. Under such cases, all that you’d need is to get legal help at the earliest. The biker will probably sustain damages that may be overwhelming if someone is wounded and critically injured in a serious crash.

Victims may face painful physical conditions, high medical costs, missed wages, and severe or permanent damage. Bikers who suffer severe injuries might never be likely to perform again. The biker will need compensation from a successful personal injury claim to cover these expenses. However, filing and succeeding in a bicycle collision claim is difficult.

Nobody wants to get seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident. Still, you must know how to handle it if it does happen. You probably have concerns regarding making a claim for injuries and recovering the losses your incident has brought you. That said, here are a few basic answers to your queries. However, if you want to get legal help contact an auto accident attorney dealing exclusively with bike accident cases.

Is going to court required to resolve my motorbike accident lawsuit fairly?

Not typically. Most of the time, your lawyer can help to reach an amicable settlement outside of court on your behalf. However, you must be informed that certain personal injury cases end up in court.

What probable financial harms can exist?

Economic losses include any expenses incurred as a result of your injury. Medical expenses, missed wages, lost future earnings, and physical rehabilitation treatment expenditures are a few examples of economic damages.

In a motorbike accident claim, what are non-economic damages?

Non-economic losses are the indirect effects of your motorcycle accident on you and your future. For example, discomfort, suffering, and psychological and emotional harm are regarded as non-economic losses.

Can I still submit a claim if I wasn’t using a helmet?

You can, indeed. If you are judged to be at blame for something, not wearing a bike helmet may reduce the value of your lawsuit overall. However, you can continue to take legal action against the at-fault motorist for their part in the crash. 

Do I need to speak with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider?

Not. The insurance provider for the at-fault motorist will probably try to convince you to accept a small payment. They could attempt to eliminate the value of your claim by using your words against you. Any discussions with affiliated insurance companies should be handled by your attorney only.