Best Necklace Designs That Go Well With Ethnic Wear

Refreshing your wardrobe is quite an exciting time, especially when it is about your jewels. One piece of jewellery that takes your look to the next level and lets your express your style is a beautiful necklace.

However, pairing the right kind of necklace with your outfit may get tricky, especially when it comes to ethnic wear. That coupled with the numerous trends making the rounds, how do you select that ONE gorgeous necklace?

For that, all you need is this guide put together by our fashion experts that will help you prep your ethnic look.

Choker necklace

A choker necklace is a piece of jewellery that can make your traditional outfit look chic with a subtle touch of boho. What used to be a 90s grunge fashion has come back and with a bang. So much that it is now being styled with traditional clothing. Whether you are wearing a kurta, lehenga, or saree, this gorgeous and versatile necklace studded with pearls, kundan, or polki goes well with all Indian ethnic wear. You can pair your choker with different types of necklines such as wide necklines with thin straps and off-shoulder. They can also be paired with Indo-Western dresses.

Pearl necklace

Pearls have caught everyone’s fancy since time immemorial. Necklaces made with pearls are beautiful, elegant, and timeless and go perfectly well with Indian wear. Whether you are wearing ethnic clothes for a formal occasion or a social gathering, there are several styles of pearl necklaces that you can choose from. These include heavy pearl chokers with multi-coloured gemstones, large baroque pearls, or a multi-strand necklace. You can explore the best in-season necklace designs with price here.

Multi string necklace

For those who love to dress up, a multi-strand necklace never fails to enhance your look. It’s a myth that these necklaces only go well with heavy ethnic wear that’s worn during social functions. If you love the boho grungy look, try these stranded necklaces in colourful beads interspersed with metal baubles. These necklaces made with pearls, kundan, and other precious stones are preferred by brides because of the royal vibe that they lend. Just make sure that whenever you are wearing this style, your outfit’s neck must be open enough to reveal its beauty.

Chain-link necklace

A must-have in every modern woman’s jewellery collection, these chain-link necklaces are unique, stylish, and stunning. Depending on your style and liking, you can choose from several designs. If you like minimal and light jewellery, you can select a featherlight gold chain link. Or if you love over-the-top designs, go for the dramatically big designs that are unmissable and bold. These chain links are available in some amazing designs such as paper clip, box, and rope and can be worn either on their own or with your favourite charms or even beads. Or, add gold or diamond pendants to enhance their charm even more.

Celestial necklace

To move away from everyday jewellery and bring the allure of heavenly mysticism and the moon and stars into your jewellery collection, look no further than a celestial necklace. Probably the hottest trend these days, it is sported by almost everyone who matters. These are not just available in sun and moon carvings, but also other options such as your sun sign, constellations, and symbols such as dragonflies, fish, and butterflies. Pick these up either in rose or yellow gold studded with precious stones. These celestial necklaces look perfect when paired with ethnic or fusion wear for all occasions. Touch here buzfeed Click here magazinevibes Visit here theedgesearch Touch here thenewsinsider Visit this website soap2day Learn more about healthworldnews

The necklace trend this year is fun, fresh, and whimsical and with these inspiring ideas, you can create a fantastic personal style statement for yourself. While some of these are timeless classics, others are returning to fashion in new and unexpected ways. Whether you choose neckpieces that are intricate or those that are heavyweight and chunky, they are sure to make your ethnic wear look gorgeous. Just remember to match your necklaces with the occasion and attire that you are going to wear.